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Summer is here

Posted on: June 25, 2009

Our second set of family has come and gone..We had so much fun.. Those of the privileged few who are on our facebook can see pictures of family and places we went… They went down the river while I went junk shopping in town… We had lunch and then they went swimming in the river.. Made a whole day of it.. Was so much fun…. We went to Stephen Foster State Park got to see two museum’s… you can see that in pictures also… Other family that came Gene took them to the river as I was not feeling well.. I have pulled some muscles and I get up very sore and takes a while to get untangled …so to speak…

I sold something on my eCRATER store this week … Thanks to the person and please send your friends and tell their friends and their friends and so forth.. Buy four books get a fifth one free… In the United States, shipping and handling is full price on first book and everyone after is one dollar each..  We are putting more and more things in everyweek.. I have to catch up with what I started last week as I did not finish before kids got here and I took time off.. I did fill my orders and mail them… Have to go to the post office today with two orders… maybe by this afternoon I will have more… check out my books and other things at  or 

Today I will be putting in the rest of my Carley Phillips and Shannon Drake,Heather Graham Pozzessere, Christina Dodd.  I have lots of books I have not had a chance to get to so if you are looking for something special (not new) I will most likely have it in the back stock waiting to go in.

picture of the day is……………………….

Butterfly looking for water on the rocks by the river

Butterfly looking for water on the rocks by the river


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