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Hi old friend I got to the best part of my computer.. Found my friend my blog… I was so worried that I would not find you.. For an object who can’t talk back to me you are a good friend… You help me talk things over in my head. you help me tell people who don’t know me and probley don’t care about my life and what is going on.. you help me tell people about my favorite thing to do in my life is my bookstore and how I have always wanted to have one, This online store has helped me fill my time when I have been sad, lonely, happy and glad… This blog is my second friend… My real friend was the first person to write a commment on here after I wrote.. She was the first person to buy a book from my bookstore. (Lucy Lipshits.) How about that for a name.. ‘
I want to thank @weatherangel for introducing you to me… and working with me to get u up and going….

The reason you got lost is because our computer crashed while we went away from it for one day… My shipping department is also a computer geek… in the repair department. He is retired and lives with me he is a husband, grandpa and a best friend.. Don’t know what I would do with out him.. Anyways my blog… thanks for being with me for almost a year… I just love writting on u and u help keep me sain…
Tomorrow I hope to have everything up and running again so I can put books and authors in you… and hope I don’t have to retake pictures of this weeks books as they are already in the computer that crashed but Gene is up looking files from as we speak.. He thought he had lost them all but he worked and worked till he thinks he has them but won’t know till he finishes….cross your fingers…. what a weekend…………come see our store at or

We went to these two beautiful places yesterday before and after lunch…Kanapaha is a derived from two Timupua Indian words that mean”palmetto leaves and house” The route is a mile and very enjoyable if you see the mosquito stray before you go outside. 62 acres maintained and operated by North Florida Botanical Society, a private nonprofit educational organization.There are all kinds of gardens to see, The Bonsai Garden,The Azalea-Camellia Garden, The Kanapaha Water Garden, The Rose Garden, Asian Garden, Bulb Garden, Butterfly Garden, Children’s Garden,Arboretum,The Vinery,Native Second Growth Forest,Herb Garden,Bamboo Garden(Granddaughters favorite she is into Japan things)Woodland Garden,Aroid Garden,Hummingbird Garden,Rock Garden(one of my favorites with all the cactis) Fern Cobble,Palm Hammock,Cycad Garden.  Kanapaha Botanical Gardens has picnicking facilities and gift shop.This garden can be found in Gainsville  One mile west of I-75 (Exit 384) on Archer Road (352)372-4981

The Bamboo Gardens off to the left was a Japanese small figurene

The Bamboo Gardens off to the left was a Japanese small figurene

 Butterfly Rainforest

It even rained while we were there.. This place is beside the Florida Museum of Natural History… So worth seeing.. You go though this door and wait for it to close then go through another door and there are fans going blowing air out so the butterfly’s don’t come in…They are everywhere and every kind you can think of… They fly with out fright and they land on you I had one on my hand.. it was so cute and and another man had one on his shoulder…The plants are beautiful. Husband came home wishing we had space to make one… You can’t describe how beautiful it was you have to go there…And we will be taking all our visitors there for sure….

Butterfly on mans shoulder

Butterfly on mans shoulder

Try to show a picture of butterfly on plants

Butterfly on bowl

Butterfly on bowl


Need a good read this summer check out our online book store .. Great selection and prices at  or

Store where they sell homemade rag rugs, jams and jellys quilts etc

Store where they sell homemade rag rugs, jams and jellys quilts etc

We just found this place.. And its in our back yard so to speak. The browser says (A one of a kind authentic 19th century working farm) the real Florida..  It was so much fun.. when we got there the ladies were in the flower garden.  They had a peach tree that they were harvesting the peaches to can..The flowers were just beautiful

It says..The Dudley landscape is typical of the early Florida Farm with gardens, grape arbors, pecan and fruit trees, pastures, pinewoods, and croplands of peanuts, field peas, Sweet potatoes, and sugar cane.  It is a native habitat for animals such as deer, wild turkey, gopher, tortoises, bats and bluebirds.

In the mid 1800’s Dudley Farm consisted of rolling land covered with longleaf pine and wiregrass.  The longleaf pines provided material for all the Dudley buildings, fence posts, and split rail fences

Ponds, sinkholes, and an extensive network of cave passages permeate the area.  The rich organic soil with a clay and limestone substructure, coupled with the Florida climate, create an area well suited for agricultural use.(the last three paragraphs I copied form the liture they gave us while there.. It has a map and directions of the area…)

Dudley Farm Historic State Park, 18730 W.Newberry Road,Newberry,Fl 32669   (352) 472-1142

Open 9am to 5pm Farmstead closes at 4pm Closed Monday and Tuesdays

dressed in period clothing working flower garden at edge of house

dressed in period clothing working flower garden at edge of house

We found the park wheelchair friendly.. a couple of places we got bogged down in the dirt but was easy to fix…

You can go on line to find more Florida State Parks at  or call (850)488-9872

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I don’t cook but found a great recipe I am going to send you to another blog to see…………

Zucchini Ribbons with Basil… Looks so good

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I was a new mother a month old baby.. Living with my parents, and grandparents.  My husband had not even met his daughter yet as he was in the Navy out to sea at the time.. Our daughter would be 5 months old before he saw her…I remember the day and what happened but I don’t really remember things around it.. This daughter and her family were just here visiting last month for her birthday.. What a great time. I was so old back then and knew it all… My mother still tells me that I THINK I know it all… I do don’t you…………

My two oldest granddaughters are here visiting and I was telling them that there mother was not even a twinkle at that time…

Have a good day stay day……….

iPhones, Hurricanes and Weatherangels…

Posted by: weatherangel on: January 31, 2009 

So, I’ve come into this with really no information on what I want to write.  Just the expectation from my Mom that I should write something   So I am here to write something.  Something.

Okay, task one done!

I’ve been helping my Mom set up her first blog.  It’s been fun, and the awesome part is that she can finally do so much on her own!  I tried to teach my Mom about computers back in the 1980’s, when I was in middle and high school, learning about computers, bulletin board systems (BBSes) and all the cool things you could do with a computer.  It was only after she met my Dad that she finally wanted to really understand – and I’ve done my best to teach her what I can. She’s been a great student of technology, especially since it changes so fast! I think it has finally gotten “easy enough” for most people to handle, instead of only the geeky people like me.

Recently I have discovered that I absolutely LOVE wordpress.  For quite a while I didn’t understand the love affair with it, but now that it has matured, even my Mom can use it with a fair amount of ease, and only a few questions!  I’ve been able to point her at the docs (not doctors), and she’s found them, read them and understands them (I think).  It’s killer! And that’s Kudos to the wordpress team!

I will probably be jumping on here from time to time, helping out my Mom, and getting things set up.  I may even write a few book reviews, which I’ve wanted to do anyway, but never had a place to put them

Mom wanted me to mention something about what I do professionally also… I’ve been writing Web Applications for 13 years now – which in itself is hard to believe! My most recent accomplishment is being a part of a two woman programming team, and writing Hurricane for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It has been a great challenge, and a lot of fun to watch something we created not only come to life, but be appreciated.

I suppose I should mention that my favorite authors, since this is a book related site. They are Johanna Lindsey, Madeline Hunter, Elizabeth Boyle and Elaine Coffman.  I can thank my Mom’s book store for that one — she handed me my first Johanna Lindsey book about 3 years ago and I fell in LOVE with her writing style, and eagerly await each new Malory searies book!  I’ve spent MANY a night up almost all night reading instead of sleeping.

If there’s anything you would like to see here, just let us know!  And if you are looking for a book you can’t seem to find, just let my Mom know!  She will do her best to track down the book for you – she is extremely good at finding those hard to find books, so just ask!

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We had our fourth trip to Gainsville yesterday in two weeks… This may not be a big deal to some…To us its a Wow. We don’t go far from home these days.. Gene’s not able to sit to long in the car or walk to long, due to pains in his legs and feet at all times.. Because of my knee problems I don’t walk far myself..Yesterday we picked up our second scooter.. Now we can travel as long as we want with out having to walk.. We went to the Mall yesterday in Gainsville and we went around the whole thing several times its was so much fun it got boring.. We learned how to open the doors to the stores by holding the door and backing up then going through and the next person did the same thing..  What freedom these scooters give us… They are easy to load in the car. Light weight.. The battery comes in a caring case with a handle its great. There are 4 parts. Will fit in someones trunk of car.. We fit two in our van with the back seats down. Our grandchildren come next week and we will take them places we could not go before or did not know about.. It will be a big surprise to them.. Of course we will go to the river.. for swimming.. no tubing this time.. Scooter versus Walking  no contest.. Can’t wait to go again.