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I was shown some facts and Now I am more confused than before.. People are reading me and looking at my store but I don’t have anything showing on my gmail… so I guess I need some one to explain…

but I am now going back to work on putting books in my store…. I have almost 1100 items and I want to make it 1100 books… so need to put in about another 100.   My book room is looking better have almost all the hardcovers in and put up on top shelves… Have almost all my groups of authors that I have together on shelves done… then I can go back to the romance, mystery, adventures and historical romance…  I have a box of books that were new but now they are not so new the white pages have gotten dusty in the last year so dropping them from new… to looks new… but that will be seveal weeks from now… please pass on to your friends my web address… Thanks or