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eCRATER is a little known place, where I can enter all my books for free, pay nothing to them when I sell books, or other items.  Then its also a place where you don’t have to pay allot when you buy…. I only charge 00.45 to 2.00 for used books… depending on shape they are in and size.  I have Harlequin which I can not sell on Ebay or Amazon as I would have to charge over a 1.00  Both these other stores charge huge fee’s which like any other business I would pass on to you so I could make money. I have a book in both these stores and I also have it in eCrater… You can see the difference in pricing… Check out “Waiting for Agnes by Joe Bullard.. its a new personally autographed book about the Coral Castle in Homestead,Fl. Its the only book I have been selling for awhile… People are not checking out my eCRATER store even though its easy to look at and over 1200 items in it. New and Used Books, audio,LARGE PRINT,Cd’s, collectibles, stuffed animals, flip flops (homemade decorated) We also have a big collection of Nora Roberts, and Debbie Macomber, Diana Palmer,James Patterson,and many more. We have over 120 named authors as well as ones in sections of Romance, Mystery,Fantasy,Religion and more.  We offer you two ways to buy… Papal and money order, with paypal its harder to offer you a shipping discount. But if you trust us..we will send you a refund after we process your order.  With money order we will send you the right bill before you send it… What we offer is When you buy more than one book first or most expenxive is shipping  full price and everyone after is 1.00  … Another deal is if you buy 4 or more books you get one free.. You email us with the choice and we take it off line for you… It must be one of the same or lesser value.

I hope we have answered all questions if not make a comment or email us at   our store is at  or   

You can follow us on twitter or here on our blog if you have something you would like to know about let us know.. we are open to new idea’s we try to follow blog hops… or we might lead you back to another blog that we though was great… Become a regular follower… We’d love to have you on board.. It gets lonely here by ourselves…Come back often and we love comments.

autographed by author Joe Bullard

autographed by author Joe Bullard

Next picture try to show our book store

Piles of books are authors that we have 4 or more and eaiser to keep stacked and others on shelves

Piles of books are authors that we have 4 or more and eaiser to keep stacked and others on shelves


Waiting for Agnes by Florida Native Joe Bullard

Waiting for Agnes by Florida Native Joe Bullard

 Customers, where are you…. Have not seen you in a few weeks…. are you lost or have no job… come on and tell me…I have started selling at Flee Market as on line is so slow….. there goes my Saturdays and thinking of going to Sunday and going to Church Sunday nights….


I still have “Waiting for Agnes for sale on eCRATER and eBay. costs 19.50 plus shipping and handling on eCRATER , can pay by Money Order,check, paypal…on eBay you pay 19.99 plus shipping and handling and only paypal…. So you have several choices….  Will bring several copy’s to the flee market ..they will be an even 20.00  to make book keeping easier… 19.99 is a little crazy… keeping up with Penny’s…. remember this book comes autographed by author… at no extra charge…. I love to run out of books at my home and have to ask for more from author Joe Bullard… make my day…. check it out great book… We have sent this book to Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain, USA , Spain just to name a few… Picture of the day……………….

If you are looking for certain books to be put on line or to pick up at flee market locally… let me know in comments… would love to hear from you…..

, have an order for a customer who wanted a certain Debbie I have three books… Oh already this week I am dreaming… I have found the perfect place for a book store in my town… But there is no room at the inn… I have no money anyways but it was a nice dream…Macomber…. and now the flee market…. I have picked out 5 new boxes of books to take and leave 5 others home on Saturday.. Stephen King, fantasy,Debbie shotglassheaven and readerwaveWhere oh where are my friends, customers, anyone… It gets lonely out here… I write to keep you up to date on all our on-line stores… two……..

Where are all my wonderful readers……..Have they gone to no job heaven…….Just remember “Things are great today” and “I will do my best” and one extra one for me “My bookstore will survive.”

I am going to brake my own new rule…. I am going to the flee market this weekend…. so if you want a certain book let me know at  I will be in Lake City,Fl.  I really enjoyed meeting the people…. I am going to go look at a canopy’s today to see if I want to get one.  

Mother is doing good.. yesterday she had a good day… she did all the things that she use to do… so days are looking up… Thank you God…. I did not get up with her at night.. I did get up and so did she but we did not do it to be together….

For those of you who have not gotten your copy of “Waiting for Agnes” by Joe Bullard.. Remember I am the only one selling the paperback copy and you can find it on eCRATER… go to www.readerwave.comand click on eCRATER… you can buy it for less than I use to sell on ebay. Every is less on eCRATER… and you have more options on how you can buy. There is still paypal and Now you can use Money Order again. And I will except personal checks from buyer I have dealt with before… and when you become a before customer you too can pay that way. Come one you be my first customer today… Remember I am always putting books in and will be adding shot glasses to my sight very soon, also LeapPad product… Speaking of LeapPad I have odds of books and cartridges that I sell at the flee market if you are missing a book or cartridge I might have it…I have some ref.. magnet letters also. I found a few James Patterson someone was looking for him last time…. I will be bringing more hard covers of different kinds… and remember every book or item is .75  or three for $2.00 .  The only thing that will keep us from coming is the weather… rain… I am not with the postal system so if it rains, or snows I will not be there….LOL

Have a great day and the picture of the day is

Waiting for Agnes by Joe Bullard  about the making of the Coral Castle in Homestead ,Florida

Waiting for Agnes by Joe Bullard about the making of the Coral Castle in Homestead ,Florida

New store Logo

New store Logo

I closed down the eBay store … So please check out my eCRATER stores… you can still get to them by We have lots of great books.. new and used… and soon will have shot glasses at shotglassheaven.
“Waiting for Agnes” by Florida Native Joe Bullard is only 19.50 plus shipping at where on eBay it was 19.99 plus shipping… I will be excepting Money Orders and Pay Pal. I will try checks see how they go. Have not had great luck with people and checks… When you buy more than one book I will make a refund for some of the shipping price… to your paypal account. Will send you email of amount you save when using money order or check….

Well I feel a little better. I am hacking less and they are deeper…

I slept 5 hrs straight during the night… I don’t think I moved… I woke up the same way I laid down.. I lost 3 lbs in the past two days.. I have been eating and eating but its been berries and popsicles… Had homemade chicken soup last night… Gene made it for me yesterday.. I think I will have it for breakfast…. Oh I just woke up again.. at 6am I got up and got in my recliner with a blankie and went back to sleep to wake every hour or so since… I need to get some work done today, enter some books…. but why, when no one is buying from eCRATER… I think you all are afraid of it… it sells for less…. and you can use a money order… or I will even take a check at this time and she how that goes… but first time I get taken I will stop again… PayPal…. on both sites.. but I would love to do away with eBay as it costs so much to run. But can’t till you discover that eCRATER is better… Try it don’t be such a chicken… If there is a book you are looking for tell me I have 3000 I have not put in yet.
I will dig out the one you want…
For those of you who live locally… I have not decided if I am going to the flea market or have a yard sale at home… so watch the papers… it will be more toward the end of the month…