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eCRATER is a little known place, where I can enter all my books for free, pay nothing to them when I sell books, or other items.  Then its also a place where you don’t have to pay allot when you buy…. I only charge 00.45 to 2.00 for used books… depending on shape they are in and size.  I have Harlequin which I can not sell on Ebay or Amazon as I would have to charge over a 1.00  Both these other stores charge huge fee’s which like any other business I would pass on to you so I could make money. I have a book in both these stores and I also have it in eCrater… You can see the difference in pricing… Check out “Waiting for Agnes by Joe Bullard.. its a new personally autographed book about the Coral Castle in Homestead,Fl. Its the only book I have been selling for awhile… People are not checking out my eCRATER store even though its easy to look at and over 1200 items in it. New and Used Books, audio,LARGE PRINT,Cd’s, collectibles, stuffed animals, flip flops (homemade decorated) We also have a big collection of Nora Roberts, and Debbie Macomber, Diana Palmer,James Patterson,and many more. We have over 120 named authors as well as ones in sections of Romance, Mystery,Fantasy,Religion and more.  We offer you two ways to buy… Papal and money order, with paypal its harder to offer you a shipping discount. But if you trust us..we will send you a refund after we process your order.  With money order we will send you the right bill before you send it… What we offer is When you buy more than one book first or most expenxive is shipping  full price and everyone after is 1.00  … Another deal is if you buy 4 or more books you get one free.. You email us with the choice and we take it off line for you… It must be one of the same or lesser value.

I hope we have answered all questions if not make a comment or email us at   our store is at  or   

You can follow us on twitter or here on our blog if you have something you would like to know about let us know.. we are open to new idea’s we try to follow blog hops… or we might lead you back to another blog that we though was great… Become a regular follower… We’d love to have you on board.. It gets lonely here by ourselves…Come back often and we love comments.

autographed by author Joe Bullard

autographed by author Joe Bullard

Next picture try to show our book store

Piles of books are authors that we have 4 or more and eaiser to keep stacked and others on shelves

Piles of books are authors that we have 4 or more and eaiser to keep stacked and others on shelves

Went to doctors found out that I have pulled a lot of muscles, starting with my shoulders and arms and working down to my stomach.  And I thought I had an ulcer.. see how wrong we are to do our own doctoring… Well gave me a muscle relaxer and told me to get a 5lb weight and start exercising … And I am telling you know I am going to do it… I don’t like feeling like this.. and if it helps me loose weight that is a bonus…I am no different than anyone else I do so well at loosing and then gain it back.. 

When the kids come next week I won’t beable to go tubing as I am to big and clumbsy(sp) to go on the tube  I did it last year once and fell in the river the next time.. and I am heavier now so will watch and take pictures. Can’t wait for all the kids to get here… wish they all were coming… I would even go get more blowup mattresses…

I put in some work on my book store this morning.. Put in three authors books, John Saul  Jeff Shaara Tess Gerritsen  http://tessgerritsen    Have many more to go this week like Nora Roberts  “The Pagan Stone”  book thee of the Sign of Seven Trilogy

Well its Saturday again… No Flee Market… to hot and muggy… Went yard sailing…. in and out of car.. much better… Will be putting more things on line this coming week… If you have an author or type of book you are looking or please let me know I have hundreds of books here that I have not had time to put on line yet… If yo have bought a book or two from me and you have read it. Let me and others know how you liked it .. I might not have read it yet…  I am reading “Summer on Blossom Street” by Debbie Macomber … I picked up an older one this morning one of her firsts… I have talking books on line… I picked up a large print Nora Roberts this morning… I have some talking books the boxes are in rough shape so putting them on line cheap… Alot of work needs to be done so I can get my site up to good running order and have lots of people looking at it…

Please pass me on to your friends… I always pass on things I like to others.Never know when its just what they are looking for….

Are you looking for a good storm tracker for your iPod or Phone…. check out kittycode on the right side of this page or catch weatherangel on Twitter. You won’t be sorry you did…Selling “Waiting for Agnes on three sights.., Amazon, eBay, eCRATER  Three places three different prices… check it out.

picture of the day.DSC04295

Today will be great….Working on stores and getting more items in…. Worked on postage and handling… Letting people know we still give a free book for every 4 you buy… And now you can pick the book from what we have on line… Just don’t buy it… send an email and I will take it off line and send with your order… How easy is that…

Will be going to the Flee Market this weekend… Saturday if the weather is good… Rain, heavy wind and snow will keep us away… If you are looking for something special let us know by email and we will try to bring it….   If you have someone you want us to tell about out online store send  a email address to us.. ………………………Remember we have two online stores and

in our readerwave store we will be bringing back the LeapPad products..soon…and talking books…….

in our shotglassheaven store we have over 1000 glasses to enter in the next few months…

Have a great day….. He is the one………………….picture of the day……..

From the Long Tall Texan Series of Jacobsville, Texas   written by Diana Palmer. Another one of those series you hate to put down. You can find a list of all the books in the series at her wedsite…. This is just one of the many authors who have writen series or trilogys that are just great to read…. If you have a favorite please let me know… Nora Roberts has many… just one is her Death series with Lieutenant Eve Dallas, you can find all the books in this series by going to  We have many of these books in our store..Check it out…. Guys tell me about that author you read and their series.. we beleive in equal time…


Writen by J.D.Robb  aka  Nora Roberts

Writen by J.D.Robb aka Nora Roberts


From Long Tall Texan Series

From Long Tall Texan Series

Yesterday…………………flew by……………..Put Mother back in the hospital.  She is in ICU…. she may have a blockage and need a pacemaker….. they are going to try and do a MRI today………..she is going to have to be sedated….  Both Eva and Ilene are here… they were here visiting, Ilene sent her kids back home to Orlando… Eva’s were not here so she is fine….Mother is almost 88 years old.. I don’t know if I like the idea of opening her up for a pacemaker….I just don’t know…..

Well back on a better note.. Flee Market went well… Met a lot of really nice people . Found out allot of authors that I don’t have  people are looking for… Will keep my eyes open. I told everyone that I will write in here on Fridays to let people know of if I am going to be at the Flee Market on Saturday… I was in the J area will try to stay there…

I am going to start a new thing here     Where to FEED my kids for free… If you know of a place in your town please let me know where you live and what the place is…..

My place for today is a new restaurant that opened a couple of months ago here by us in our new Public’s market shopping area……. MCAlister’s Deli.  Kids eat free on Wednesday from open to close. (Eat in only)  Two free kids meals with the purchase of an adult entree… The food is great…. Drinks are huge…. My husband and I split a sandwich and get separate drinks… he gets a child’s drink and I get adult… We like the Ruben and it comes with a side… we like the fruit cup… The have many different side and sandwiches…. We are located in Lake City, Florida if you are traveling I-75  you would get off of the highway 90 exit and go east about 1/4 to a mile and its on the left… There is a traffic light in front to turn with … Its in the Publix supermarket shopping center…. Oh there is one is Gainsville also and I will try to get an address and put it in here…. I thought with spring brake and summer coming this would be a good idea…. Now remember this is Wednesdays…  Can you tell me a place in your town that you would like to tell everyone about…

On another note had a nice big order for books yesterday.. Someone likes Nora Roberts. The order came from Maryland.  Being she and her family live there that is great…She recently opened  a hotel its called “Inn Boonsboro” I guess you know its in Boonsboro, Maryland.. She has a bookstore, “Turn the Page” This is owned and operated by her husband.. They have a restaurant and a grocery right next door… Great Hamburgers… If you want to see an old town where the sidewalks are almost taller than the cars.. This is where to go… Very interesting and the people are great…

Nora Roberts,Blue Dahlia  great book and series "In the Garden"

Nora Roberts,Blue Dahlia great book and series "In the Garden"