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I was a new mother a month old baby.. Living with my parents, and grandparents.  My husband had not even met his daughter yet as he was in the Navy out to sea at the time.. Our daughter would be 5 months old before he saw her…I remember the day and what happened but I don’t really remember things around it.. This daughter and her family were just here visiting last month for her birthday.. What a great time. I was so old back then and knew it all… My mother still tells me that I THINK I know it all… I do don’t you…………

My two oldest granddaughters are here visiting and I was telling them that there mother was not even a twinkle at that time…

Have a good day stay day……….


This banner belongs to my daughter who has been helping me with all my sites.. two stores, readerwave on eBay and eCRATER and this blog.
She also has a weather application that can go on your iPhone. I will try to find that and put on here or she will – Oh, it’s already here, on the right side of the page – Hurricane for the iPhone and iPod Touch… Thanks for stopping by this morning….
I will be working on my books this morning and napping in the afternoon as I am sure I will be up with Mother tonight.. she has a test tomorrow and she has to be cleaned out so to speak… uck………had it its not fun.
I am thinking of treating my self to a pedicure.. on my feet they are such a wreck from winter… And I have no excuse my neighbors across the street have LA Nails here in town… They do a good job Mom had her feet done a few weeks ago and loved it…
I have to go pick up this weeks supply of my author books today.. And I need to go to Publix and get my strawberry boxes… and to the post office to mail some books… Busy day so might as well get started…
with a nap LOL………………….i

Yesterdays I worked in a department store in Hollywood, Fl. One of the ladys I worked with was a beautuful woman with the prettyest blue eyes.. Every day she took her lunch hour in front of the tv section to watch her son on One Life To Live..
I have not seen her in years since she retired to move to LA to be near her son.. Think about her often… Just regular people… I remember one time he was visiting and came in and let us take pictures and sign autographs..
Today he was on Cold Case… older but still has beautiful eyes… what a hunk… Jeff Fahey played Darren Mallory on Cold Case tonight. I was lucky to see it as I had not planned to watch. And while checking out his Bio I see he is going to be staring On LOST.
Tomorrow Have to take Mom for a check up. So guess I need to hit the sack… Oh we ate homemade chicken soup tonight.. my husbands sister made it.. Wow was it ever good… Gene does not care for chicken and he ate a bowl full and told me to hire her as cook he was tired of cooking…. I am so glad he ate that bowl full he has not eaten a good meal in three days. just picking.. I will be glad when we both feel better…

Today I did not want to get up… Had to go to post office and then to hospital to be with Mother. I forgot to call my sister.. I did track down the flowers by having my daughter who sent them call the florist… We finally got them and they were beautiful. She also got flowers yesterday.

She had more tests today, therapy and walked a little bit so that was good. I guess I will work with her a little tomorrow… put her walker in the car and let her walk a little… Sent package to NZ or Gene did for me… worked out a deal with book author… good one we are both happy… sold the last set of pillows I had for sale I am so glad they were taking up space for something else.

Well my chair and TV are calling catch you all later…
Thanks for all the prayers.

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