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I was a new mother a month old baby.. Living with my parents, and grandparents.  My husband had not even met his daughter yet as he was in the Navy out to sea at the time.. Our daughter would be 5 months old before he saw her…I remember the day and what happened but I don’t really remember things around it.. This daughter and her family were just here visiting last month for her birthday.. What a great time. I was so old back then and knew it all… My mother still tells me that I THINK I know it all… I do don’t you…………

My two oldest granddaughters are here visiting and I was telling them that there mother was not even a twinkle at that time…

Have a good day stay day……….


We had our fourth trip to Gainsville yesterday in two weeks… This may not be a big deal to some…To us its a Wow. We don’t go far from home these days.. Gene’s not able to sit to long in the car or walk to long, due to pains in his legs and feet at all times.. Because of my knee problems I don’t walk far myself..Yesterday we picked up our second scooter.. Now we can travel as long as we want with out having to walk.. We went to the Mall yesterday in Gainsville and we went around the whole thing several times its was so much fun it got boring.. We learned how to open the doors to the stores by holding the door and backing up then going through and the next person did the same thing..  What freedom these scooters give us… They are easy to load in the car. Light weight.. The battery comes in a caring case with a handle its great. There are 4 parts. Will fit in someones trunk of car.. We fit two in our van with the back seats down. Our grandchildren come next week and we will take them places we could not go before or did not know about.. It will be a big surprise to them.. Of course we will go to the river.. for swimming.. no tubing this time.. Scooter versus Walking  no contest.. Can’t wait to go again.



I was just cutting out coupons I got off the internet to send to a lady in Iowa. She sends store coupons overseas to our servicemen and woman. She has many friends who help her. You can read the articale I saw at
I try to send an envelope full every week has not been hard … This week there were none in my hometown paper, so went on line to Betty Crocker…

Then I got to thinking how many things do I save…..for something or someone.

Plastic bags to take back to my gocery store. has a place you can buy stuff with the codes of the caps or boxes… Well last year and the year before I gave those totaled amounts to Toys For Tots… That coke offered to do….

Boxtops for Education… Have been saving them for years for my children and now my grandchildren… so easy when you get the items anyways even my 87 year old mother hands me the packaging from her items so I can cut out the coupon…
What do you save that I could be doing….
I do not save cans and I should… we have to pay for the truck to come and pick it up and sometimes I see they leave our neighbors.