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Hi old friend I got to the best part of my computer.. Found my friend my blog… I was so worried that I would not find you.. For an object who can’t talk back to me you are a good friend… You help me talk things over in my head. you help me tell people who don’t know me and probley don’t care about my life and what is going on.. you help me tell people about my favorite thing to do in my life is my bookstore and how I have always wanted to have one, This online store has helped me fill my time when I have been sad, lonely, happy and glad… This blog is my second friend… My real friend was the first person to write a commment on here after I wrote.. She was the first person to buy a book from my bookstore. (Lucy Lipshits.) How about that for a name.. ‘
I want to thank @weatherangel for introducing you to me… and working with me to get u up and going….

The reason you got lost is because our computer crashed while we went away from it for one day… My shipping department is also a computer geek… in the repair department. He is retired and lives with me he is a husband, grandpa and a best friend.. Don’t know what I would do with out him.. Anyways my blog… thanks for being with me for almost a year… I just love writting on u and u help keep me sain…
Tomorrow I hope to have everything up and running again so I can put books and authors in you… and hope I don’t have to retake pictures of this weeks books as they are already in the computer that crashed but Gene is up looking files from as we speak.. He thought he had lost them all but he worked and worked till he thinks he has them but won’t know till he finishes….cross your fingers…. what a weekend…………come see our store at or

agnesThanks you…. for being my friend……………sales are picking up and that makes me a happy camper.. so to, .. Everyday is a better day. Thank you God… for being there for me and making me see that I need to be a better person… Think of others before myself. Lots of folks are out of work and I am just here at home with a husband who takes care of me… and my mother… I am very lucky….

I have a wonderful hobby that I would love to turn into a business.. If that happens it would be wonderful. If it doesn’t its been fun for the past 5 yrs… and I have been in the black the whole time…

Our little town needs a book store..New books used books and gifts (local)we could make this happen with the right marketing and some help form the right people.. God is the first one … I know I don’t write things so well and no one is going to read or comment so I am getting my thoughts out in the open so its there…

Well need to get some things done.. Have to go get more Waiting for Agnes from author Joe Bullard… need to see his lovely wife and get a hair cut… and Gene too… Our dishwasher is coming this morning….so I need to go clean out the old one and put dishes away I washed last night…I want to finish putting books on my desk in the computer so I can have over a 1000 items in my online store… In July will start putting in the rest of the shotglasses that I have in the box in my office and then start a new one from the garage… I have lots of them… had over 1300 glasses at one time.. have sold about 50 maybe in the last year… you can find them at   books at   You will also fine LeapPad items.. books, cartridges, and machines, audio books, cookbooks, reference, religion, so many kinds and of course my fav Debbie Macomber, even her newest one Summer on Blossom Street and its signed… saw her in person last month…  (There was a lady there in Tallahassee who’s picture we took would like to send to her by email or mail if she would contact me… Well I think my book is written for today.. Have a good one and God Bless you and yours….