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Flee Market its to hot…. I don’t know what I was thinking… and I need to finish cleaning up books in my book room … Family will be coming Father’s Day weekend and the week after…

Yard Sale I just got up and we uselly go by now… I was up sick again last night… Will call doctor on Monday this is not something I am going to sit on…

I am glad that my sights are getting more lookers.. But people I can’t keep my store open from lookers… Those of you that are looking send a friend or two please.. 

I put the flip flops in yesterday tell me what you think

Well its Saturday again… No Flee Market… to hot and muggy… Went yard sailing…. in and out of car.. much better… Will be putting more things on line this coming week… If you have an author or type of book you are looking or please let me know I have hundreds of books here that I have not had time to put on line yet… If yo have bought a book or two from me and you have read it. Let me and others know how you liked it .. I might not have read it yet…  I am reading “Summer on Blossom Street” by Debbie Macomber … I picked up an older one this morning one of her firsts… I have talking books on line… I picked up a large print Nora Roberts this morning… I have some talking books the boxes are in rough shape so putting them on line cheap… Alot of work needs to be done so I can get my site up to good running order and have lots of people looking at it…

Please pass me on to your friends… I always pass on things I like to others.Never know when its just what they are looking for….

Are you looking for a good storm tracker for your iPod or Phone…. check out kittycode on the right side of this page or catch weatherangel on Twitter. You won’t be sorry you did…Selling “Waiting for Agnes on three sights.., Amazon, eBay, eCRATER  Three places three different prices… check it out.

picture of the day.DSC04295

How do all those words fit in my message today…. Weather, its a messy weekend for me.. great for fish… or fishermen..Flee Market not going today.. And have decided to wait out the Summer as it get real Hot out there… You can reach us here at home… We will not be taking any summer trips for several reasons..  But if anyone whats to ship me somewhere where its cooler just let me know…. I can be ready in a second.. Leave the others home  LOL…..

Well our on line bookstore is trying to stay together… Will be putting in several different items after the weekend holidays… Check it out…. We still have “Waiting for Agnes”  On Amazon, eBay and eCRATER, and everything else we sell is on eCRATER at our two stores  readerwave and shotglassheaven.  Readerwave has books and LeapPad machines now will have  talking tapes, and music CD’s,DVD movies  and LeapPad books and cartridges after this week….

Everyone enjoy your weekend and when you decide you want to watch the weather on your phone or iPod look to the right and hit on KittyCode or hurricane…. check it out… picture of the day.

Tall Vine is where mockingbirds live and its outside my Living room window

Tall Vine is where mockingbirds live and its outside my Living room window

This coming week we will be adding talking books on CD’s and tapes. Also Movie DVD’s and music CD’s   Reba, Collin Raye, Gwen Stefani, Arron Tippin etc

We will Not be going to the Flee Market this weekend or any other this summer.. We will start back around September… If you want something before then email us at  or if you have our phone call…. To all our regular customers we hope you will stick by us… People just are not buying books right now… picture of the evening is


Love taking pictures, Love sharing… this is why we have picture of the day.. I am still trying to find the young lady who was selling the flip flops at the flee market two weeks ago… They were so cute and I have orders.. I wish I had gotten her number… I want to feature her on my online store… it would help her and would not hurt me either…. might work for both of us…  so picture of the day isDSC04135

Don’t be square…. be prepared…..  Fridays we go to yard sales….Saturday we go to the Flee Market… at the Flee Market we sell used books for .75 or trade one book and .25……..We are trying to change some of our inventory and still have the money we need to keep paying to sell. Tell your friends.. We will be there unless it rains… books and rain do not go well. I have lots of different books coming this week.. and last week I was able to get some paranormal while there at the Flee Market.. I will be at the Flee Market Saturday before Memorial Day… I will have company but she will come with me.. So we can visit and sell books at the same time…

Hope to see you there… I will bring one copy of Waiting for Agnes by local author Joe Bullard   if you want one please email me or make a comment on this blog… you can see the book at http://readerwave.comclick on readerwave online store or ebay   or go to

I have a friend who is going out of the online book business if you want to see what is there go to

Authors start thinking of ideas, Books come out of the ideas,Book Sellers move the books(me) and Reader’s pickup the books and take them home (You).  Today we are going to concentrate on making a better way to do this and help you see what you are missing by not looking, seeing, and buying books from me. Why you don’t even read my blog anymore or any-less… Remember Yes things are great today. and I will do my best to see that My bookstore will survive. And then there is my shot glass store shotglassheaven… in the next few days we will be adding more merchandise. Come check us out….

We have local author Joe Bullard’s book Waiting For Agnes (New paperback) in three places… Amazon at $22.00, eBay at 19.50 and eCRATER at 19.00, all three places are great.the difference in price is to pay for what the company’s charge me to sell there… The only one that does money orders is eCRATER… They are just as good a store as the rest maybe a little less known…. I have had lots of sales there just people are not use to going back and leaving feedback. Feedback is an important thing to a buyer and seller.. Tells the buyer how good the Seller has done on past sales.. I have over 2000 on eBay you can look at… then go somewhere else to find me if you like…

I sell at our local Flee Market on Saturdays also. You can comment here and leave word of what books you are looking for.. I look on Fridays to find books where ever I go… and sometimes  find places during the week while I am out.  I will be running a couple of sales this weekend… so check it out.  Please let me know you are reading my blog… Its nice to hear…. You can find me on Twitter also… Have a good day and picture of the day is…….

Waiting for Agnes(autographed)

Flee Market

Flee Market