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Hi old friend I got to the best part of my computer.. Found my friend my blog… I was so worried that I would not find you.. For an object who can’t talk back to me you are a good friend… You help me talk things over in my head. you help me tell people who don’t know me and probley don’t care about my life and what is going on.. you help me tell people about my favorite thing to do in my life is my bookstore and how I have always wanted to have one, This online store has helped me fill my time when I have been sad, lonely, happy and glad… This blog is my second friend… My real friend was the first person to write a commment on here after I wrote.. She was the first person to buy a book from my bookstore. (Lucy Lipshits.) How about that for a name.. ‘
I want to thank @weatherangel for introducing you to me… and working with me to get u up and going….

The reason you got lost is because our computer crashed while we went away from it for one day… My shipping department is also a computer geek… in the repair department. He is retired and lives with me he is a husband, grandpa and a best friend.. Don’t know what I would do with out him.. Anyways my blog… thanks for being with me for almost a year… I just love writting on u and u help keep me sain…
Tomorrow I hope to have everything up and running again so I can put books and authors in you… and hope I don’t have to retake pictures of this weeks books as they are already in the computer that crashed but Gene is up looking files from as we speak.. He thought he had lost them all but he worked and worked till he thinks he has them but won’t know till he finishes….cross your fingers…. what a weekend…………come see our store at or


readerwaveThis is not how I really look… Honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t do needle work even tho she has tried to get me to for years….


This is the name of my other store.. I own over 1300 shot glasses but I don’t drink a drop….

A Mr. Linky blog hopping event going on today. Stop by and attach your blog to the list.

DSC00288I love to read. I have been reading Debbie Macomber for about 10yrs.. I have met her three times now… The first time was in her home town of Port Orchard,WA.. At the time my daughter and family were living near Seattle which is across the bay from Debbie… I got to see all the sights and Debbie and my grandchildren. The time 2007 when this picture was taken she was here in Florida my husband drove me 200 miles to see her. It was so great. The picture I am putting below this is from this year when she was in Talahassee  This is only 2hrs.. from my home and about 4 from the new winter home you have all heard about that she and Wayne got this year. If you have not read one of her books you are missing a good read Great family stories… Cedar Cove is her big series.. #9 comes out in September.. I can’t keep them in my used store They go as soon as I get them in.. I have an autographed copy of “Summer on Blossom Street  this is her latest book on Blossom Street.   Come see this and more at or

Remembering back I do not recall all 60, 4th of July’s that I have seen.. I think the one I remember the most is just a few years ago… Just after I married my husband of almost 18 yrs.. We went to his sisters to visit for the weekend of the 4Th.. Her town might have enough people for a parade and watchers now… The parade was the school kids dresses up like all the different people like Abe Lincoln, George Washington, One family has a big wagon and was pulling the kids in their costumes… I have pictures but I have no idea where they are. A lot of things are still packed away in boxes in the garage.. now the best place for pictures…But when I looked through some things last year they were fine…Just picture small town USA

Tomorrow night our little subdivision is having fireworks in and empty lot we still have . It should be really nice…. Hope everyone has a great 4th…. All our company is gone so we will be celebrating  with our neighbors.

I received the last payment I will receive from Amazon for awhile have not sold a book in quite awhile….

I have “Waiting for Agnes” on Amazon, eBay, and eCRATER, the best deals can be found on eCRATER.  Have over 1100 books on eCRATER at low affordable prices… come check it out or    This url will take you to my blog, and other store and to eBay… Surprise me and send a friend or two  make a comment on the blog… Let me know someone cares…

Why would WE  want to come to your blog..What is your blog like and what do you have there tell us and make us want to come see for ourselves…

My blog uselley tells of my online stores.. I have a bookstore at or or you can see it by going to  and while there it will direct you to my one book on eBay and my shot glass store on ecrater as well as my blog and ecrater bookstore… You will find me on Twitter also as readerwave… Leave a comment and tell me about your blog and store or just a blog so I can come visit… Hope to hear from you….



Well today is the day we pick the first tomato. I need to get dresses so I can go take picture of the great event… We have had no worms this year.. Gene found the right pesisid to keep them off… We have lots of tomatoes coming..  Some one is making lots of noise outside must go find out what it is… be back…………Well it was no biggie.. Gene was knocking dirt off a root he took up from a dead bush… Our fertilizer for the lawn goes in this tank and goes right to the sprinklers DSC04312every time they come on.. Well it over flowed and killed a bush next to it… Then will all the rain we had last week two of our small trees in the back yard that were doing so well got drowned from our yard… we have lakes that form when we have rain on both sides of our house and it went to the back yard and stayed with the trees… We had a beautiful dogwood and a fringe tree… will put the fringe in picture of day…. and our tomatoes don’t know if I have dogwood… Have great day… I must go shower so water can be turned off to fix pipe outside… Did not find other pictures…. Go back a few months on blog and you will see….

Don’t be square…. be prepared…..  Fridays we go to yard sales….Saturday we go to the Flee Market… at the Flee Market we sell used books for .75 or trade one book and .25……..We are trying to change some of our inventory and still have the money we need to keep paying to sell. Tell your friends.. We will be there unless it rains… books and rain do not go well. I have lots of different books coming this week.. and last week I was able to get some paranormal while there at the Flee Market.. I will be at the Flee Market Saturday before Memorial Day… I will have company but she will come with me.. So we can visit and sell books at the same time…

Hope to see you there… I will bring one copy of Waiting for Agnes by local author Joe Bullard   if you want one please email me or make a comment on this blog… you can see the book at http://readerwave.comclick on readerwave online store or ebay   or go to

I have a friend who is going out of the online book business if you want to see what is there go to