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What a way to start the day.. Yes things are great today…………..I will do my best………….

We always have banana’s except when we don’t go to the store the day before.  Its another yucky day… 56 when we woke up… Its May…  Today I am going to do laundry and take pictures… putting all my hard cover books in my store…. I am not going back to the flee market this season… Will start again in the fall…. If there is a book you want let me phone or email.. or comment on here…

This week we are having company (Mom says she’s not company she has been here more than three times). Coming up from South Florida.. we use to work together, before that she was my dance teacher. We have been Buddy’s for almost 10yrs… She is the third longest friend I have had… 1st was Berta who I have known sense high school and then there is Susie who I have known sense my oldest daughter and her son were in kindergarten together… We all live in different places now… One in North Carolina, one in Kentucky, one in South Florida and me here in North Florida….

The weather is cold and has my fingers stiff this morning… Maybe that is what is wrong with Twitter.. I write and the words come up a few seconds later instead of right away…   Oh we have lots of tomatoes and squash on our plants well we have tomatoes,  and squash is bloomed so far Gene found a chemical that keeps the worms away… that is so nice…. We saw a hummingbird yesterday.. they have not been coming around as much as they did last year… We have not figured out way… have seen one rabbit a couple of times… but not as much as last year… things are changing… please pray that they get better for people and animals… Gene is feeling better this morning… He found something to take to help him sleep. over the counter… I think it worked… he did not move so much in his sleep…I think he has that restless sleep thing… and his arthritis does not help… Oh I just heard him in the laundry room… means he carried the basket there for me to tackle… 6 loads later…. well bye for now … picture of the day will be………….

3D maze

3D maze

Put in book by Sherryl Woods, find others at

One of my friends is selling out their store on eCRATER take a look, maybe what you don’t find here you will find there…

Remember we sell one autographed book by local author Joe Bullard. “Waiting for Agnes” You can find this book on three different sights… Three different prices and  many ways to pay.eCRATER is the least expensive at $19.00 plus shipping and handling.(everything I sell is cheaper here.) eBay is $19.50 plus shipping and handling. Amazon is $23.00 plus shipping and handling.  When you look at this blog today ask one person who you have never told before and ask them to tell one person… I am going to try that each day… On Twitter I will tell about one blog or store that I looked at the day before.. Trying to show other sites and have people look at mine…. Have a great day… my book (blog) is done for now.