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eCRATER is a little known place, where I can enter all my books for free, pay nothing to them when I sell books, or other items.  Then its also a place where you don’t have to pay allot when you buy…. I only charge 00.45 to 2.00 for used books… depending on shape they are in and size.  I have Harlequin which I can not sell on Ebay or Amazon as I would have to charge over a 1.00  Both these other stores charge huge fee’s which like any other business I would pass on to you so I could make money. I have a book in both these stores and I also have it in eCrater… You can see the difference in pricing… Check out “Waiting for Agnes by Joe Bullard.. its a new personally autographed book about the Coral Castle in Homestead,Fl. Its the only book I have been selling for awhile… People are not checking out my eCRATER store even though its easy to look at and over 1200 items in it. New and Used Books, audio,LARGE PRINT,Cd’s, collectibles, stuffed animals, flip flops (homemade decorated) We also have a big collection of Nora Roberts, and Debbie Macomber, Diana Palmer,James Patterson,and many more. We have over 120 named authors as well as ones in sections of Romance, Mystery,Fantasy,Religion and more.  We offer you two ways to buy… Papal and money order, with paypal its harder to offer you a shipping discount. But if you trust us..we will send you a refund after we process your order.  With money order we will send you the right bill before you send it… What we offer is When you buy more than one book first or most expenxive is shipping  full price and everyone after is 1.00  … Another deal is if you buy 4 or more books you get one free.. You email us with the choice and we take it off line for you… It must be one of the same or lesser value.

I hope we have answered all questions if not make a comment or email us at   our store is at  or   

You can follow us on twitter or here on our blog if you have something you would like to know about let us know.. we are open to new idea’s we try to follow blog hops… or we might lead you back to another blog that we though was great… Become a regular follower… We’d love to have you on board.. It gets lonely here by ourselves…Come back often and we love comments.

autographed by author Joe Bullard

autographed by author Joe Bullard

Next picture try to show our book store

Piles of books are authors that we have 4 or more and eaiser to keep stacked and others on shelves

Piles of books are authors that we have 4 or more and eaiser to keep stacked and others on shelves

Love to read, turned a hobby into a pretty good store for a very long time… Last year after 4 yrs of higher and higher prices, and changed rules more often than we can count, we moved from eBay to eCRATER. 

There are only two things I can’t do at the new store or you can’t do..Move from one persons books to another.. example 1 (search for one title and find every book in ebay with that title so you get lots of sellers offerings. In eCrater you go from one store to another and look at all the persons books..) 2nd example (shipping discounts.. can’t offer them directly like before.. If you want a shipping discount you must pay full price andI will send you back a refund as soon as I get your order.  shipping discount is buy first book or largest weighting book in your choice of books pay full price  every book after in the SAME order is $1.00 shipping and handling.  The only way to do this in eCRATER is to payful price and I will send you a refund as soon as I get the order… Of course if you do money order you can have your discount right away… as you are mailing me amount after I send bill …

I offer over 1000 books and other items in my store come take a look… Over 100 authors listed by name and some are in random spots where they belong, romance, mystery etc.. We even have two books autographed personally by authors… Debbie Macomber and Joe Bullard  Have summer Flip Flops  Patricia Rice , Nora Roberts , childrens  Johanna Lindsey Fanatsy  These are just a few… We offer CD’s and Cassettes for talking books, we have music CD’s from some of my favorite singers, Reba, Collin Raye, Garth Brooks. We have Harliquin at new low prices  Come see our store at or We do have one book in both ebay and amazon.. “Waiting for Agnes” is offered in three places at three different prices. This is because the companys have different prices they charge to sell for me.. eCRATER is the lowest as they do not charge me anthing to sell there… So again eCRATER has the best deals… I have lower priced books and will offer a shipping discount when asked…any questions  email me at If you need references go to eBay and see my over 2000 feedbacks.. Have a great day.  Picture of the day……….

Cup from Turn the Page Bookstore in Maryland Owned by Nora Roberts and husband

Cup from Turn the Page Bookstore in Maryland Owned by Nora Roberts and husband

Remembering back I do not recall all 60, 4th of July’s that I have seen.. I think the one I remember the most is just a few years ago… Just after I married my husband of almost 18 yrs.. We went to his sisters to visit for the weekend of the 4Th.. Her town might have enough people for a parade and watchers now… The parade was the school kids dresses up like all the different people like Abe Lincoln, George Washington, One family has a big wagon and was pulling the kids in their costumes… I have pictures but I have no idea where they are. A lot of things are still packed away in boxes in the garage.. now the best place for pictures…But when I looked through some things last year they were fine…Just picture small town USA

Tomorrow night our little subdivision is having fireworks in and empty lot we still have . It should be really nice…. Hope everyone has a great 4th…. All our company is gone so we will be celebrating  with our neighbors.

I received the last payment I will receive from Amazon for awhile have not sold a book in quite awhile….

I have “Waiting for Agnes” on Amazon, eBay, and eCRATER, the best deals can be found on eCRATER.  Have over 1100 books on eCRATER at low affordable prices… come check it out or    This url will take you to my blog, and other store and to eBay… Surprise me and send a friend or two  make a comment on the blog… Let me know someone cares…

Have not done allot with mine… I may not for awhile… I have music on it… I have been told I can put books on it… I feel like I am cheating allotof people out of a good read when I get done.  And my used book store would suffer.. Of course I don’t know how it could be any worse than it is now… I am the only one writing and reading. This is why I have never become a writer my stories and grammar are only good enough for me to read.  I had a grandma who would correct my grammar when I would write her letters and send them back to me… I never looked at them I was so upset that she would do it… My other grandma would take cards some one has sent to her and cross out words and put her own in.. I thought this was wonderful that she would take the time to do that…. I found out when I lived with this grandma that she could draw… I never knew that.. she was really good… She would not draw much as her family made fun of her… Well I guess you know who I take after… I have thought up some good stories… I have pretended to be someone else all my life… Well I don’t have to pretend thanks to my wonderful family I have a wonderful life now. My children my husband and the children he has brought to this marriage has made my life what I have always dreamed of… May everyone know such happiness.. Of course there are days I want something everyone does.. I would love travel,visit family and friends, see places I have never been.. Due to allot of reasons this will never happen.. I don’t go further than 1hr away from my house anyone time… Did you know there are allot of things with in one hr of someones house… If I could get it up to 2 1/2 I could really have a great time.. see Mickey or grandchildren, nieces and nephew.  Can’t wait till winter comes so we can go back to Fridays and see our family that we always have lunch with.. Some are doing other things over summer… Have a good one .. My dear friend who has been my friend for over 45 yrs… and I send a friendship ball back and forth to each other every month.. this is a silver ball that opens and you put something inside and give it to someone in friendship.. My sister in law has loved the idea ever sense she heard about… This past year I found a second ball and started sending it to her over the summer… She and I both have got the first send and now its on its way back to her I hope she like what I sent …. If anyone has rambled its surely me today…. What a day for someone to read this… I am listening to Cher on my iPod, I have Reba, George Strait, Garth Brooks and Michael Buble I might get some early tunes of MJ  but not sure…  If you read this please send someone else to read my mess… LOL…. Have a great day…. I am off to put some wonderful writers into my bookstore for someone to see and just have to you are    Thankgoodness for spell check…

Very productive… getting ready to put some more books on line… Has been going really well… Hubby has started up the lawn mower… He got a complement from the Pizza guy so he has to get on the mower and make it look even better… We lost two more tree’s .. to much water…

Titanic  picture book

Titanic picture book

Every time we spend money for dirt, tree, I would like to get the developer by the hair … If you are going to do something do it right… I show everyone the mess so they don’t get one of the new homes here… There is one for sale across the street from me but its been here a long time and was built by a different developer and its really nice the water drains off great… I think we need to have a dirt party and get some young people in to spread dirt for gene… He can’t do it all himself..

I did a lot of book work today… got rid of two stacks on my desk have one more of big books and three of paperbacks… Then I need to start on my shelves again.   picture of the day  You can see all our books at  or   or    Waiting for Agnes is on all three sites..  eCRATER has over 830 books and going up daily.

By Local North Florida Author Joe Bullard. Each one is autographed. If you have read it it would be nice if you made comments for another person to see. Thanks

I am selling this book on three book sites…

and the other two ebay and eCRATER can be reached by  amazon sells for 22.00 and shipping fee… eBay sell for 19.50 and shipping fee. eCRATER sells for 19.00 and shipping fee… This is because each one charges a different selling fee. The cheapest being eCRATER who charges nothing.. at all for their site…

pictures of the day…..agnesDSC04146DSC04142


We are selling a book on Amazon… It has sold 5 copy’s in two months… that is not to bad.. But can you imagine what it might sell if they let me put a picture on the first page. Instead of holding my hand behind my back to pay for something I don’t need… so I can have the picture when you first hit search.  It does not say there are four images when you click the title of the book and go to the second page… There you find all kinds of info… Not only does Amazon charge more to sell this book  a flat fee of 5.99 . Where the other two places I sell this book don’t charge a 1/3 of that. And they show the picture up front.. one for a small fee another for free… I moved away from one store as the monthly price for my store was getting to high as I was placing over 1000 books on line… The new store I sell at is harder for people to find but if I work hard and tell everyone I see about it the price is right.. Its free…. Now sense no one reads these blogs or write on it if they do they might not find out where they are…. or who… On my book store I sell more than books, I have , leapPad machines, several kind.. I will be offering books and cartridge’s soon. I have music, talking books, all these things will be coming to the store… Lots of people have many stores for each item… Can’t do that… I do have two… one for all the things I mentioned and one for the shot glasses  you can get to all these things by going to   and click on the image that you want to get to… I made it a short cut on my computer.. you might want to try that… I am also on twitter under readerwave. and shotglassheaven… I spend more time on readerwave… I try to keep up with the authors, and book sellers… When I finish reading a book I review it here and tell them on here and there that I have reviewed and sometimes they write notes on here.. Which is very nice of them… Many of you know I am a fan of Debbie Macomber I will be seeing her on the 26th… God willing and the creek don’t rise… and both are a possibility… LOL…. Oh another thing I will be selling at my store will be special designed flip flops….

These are like the ones I will sell

These are like the ones I will sell