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iPhones, Hurricanes and Weatherangels…

Posted by: weatherangel on: January 31, 2009 

So, I’ve come into this with really no information on what I want to write.  Just the expectation from my Mom that I should write something   So I am here to write something.  Something.

Okay, task one done!

I’ve been helping my Mom set up her first blog.  It’s been fun, and the awesome part is that she can finally do so much on her own!  I tried to teach my Mom about computers back in the 1980’s, when I was in middle and high school, learning about computers, bulletin board systems (BBSes) and all the cool things you could do with a computer.  It was only after she met my Dad that she finally wanted to really understand – and I’ve done my best to teach her what I can. She’s been a great student of technology, especially since it changes so fast! I think it has finally gotten “easy enough” for most people to handle, instead of only the geeky people like me.

Recently I have discovered that I absolutely LOVE wordpress.  For quite a while I didn’t understand the love affair with it, but now that it has matured, even my Mom can use it with a fair amount of ease, and only a few questions!  I’ve been able to point her at the docs (not doctors), and she’s found them, read them and understands them (I think).  It’s killer! And that’s Kudos to the wordpress team!

I will probably be jumping on here from time to time, helping out my Mom, and getting things set up.  I may even write a few book reviews, which I’ve wanted to do anyway, but never had a place to put them

Mom wanted me to mention something about what I do professionally also… I’ve been writing Web Applications for 13 years now – which in itself is hard to believe! My most recent accomplishment is being a part of a two woman programming team, and writing Hurricane for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It has been a great challenge, and a lot of fun to watch something we created not only come to life, but be appreciated.

I suppose I should mention that my favorite authors, since this is a book related site. They are Johanna Lindsey, Madeline Hunter, Elizabeth Boyle and Elaine Coffman.  I can thank my Mom’s book store for that one — she handed me my first Johanna Lindsey book about 3 years ago and I fell in LOVE with her writing style, and eagerly await each new Malory searies book!  I’ve spent MANY a night up almost all night reading instead of sleeping.

If there’s anything you would like to see here, just let us know!  And if you are looking for a book you can’t seem to find, just let my Mom know!  She will do her best to track down the book for you – she is extremely good at finding those hard to find books, so just ask!

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We had our fourth trip to Gainsville yesterday in two weeks… This may not be a big deal to some…To us its a Wow. We don’t go far from home these days.. Gene’s not able to sit to long in the car or walk to long, due to pains in his legs and feet at all times.. Because of my knee problems I don’t walk far myself..Yesterday we picked up our second scooter.. Now we can travel as long as we want with out having to walk.. We went to the Mall yesterday in Gainsville and we went around the whole thing several times its was so much fun it got boring.. We learned how to open the doors to the stores by holding the door and backing up then going through and the next person did the same thing..  What freedom these scooters give us… They are easy to load in the car. Light weight.. The battery comes in a caring case with a handle its great. There are 4 parts. Will fit in someones trunk of car.. We fit two in our van with the back seats down. Our grandchildren come next week and we will take them places we could not go before or did not know about.. It will be a big surprise to them.. Of course we will go to the river.. for swimming.. no tubing this time.. Scooter versus Walking  no contest.. Can’t wait to go again.



Can’t beleive it Friday already… I am reading a good Harliquin I picked up from going to signing at Borders in Jax last Sunday… Merrillee Whren is the author of ‘Four Little Blessing ”  Its such a cute little thing…

Two people move into summer cottages… one has 4 small children in toe and one has just himself and he is there for peace and quite.. Next thing you know he is hit in the head with a ball from the other yard… three kids come running to get there ball… Then their aunt comes looking for them… during the course of the story you learn the 4 children’s parents are in jail and there very young aunt has custody of them… Young man has just recovered from a bout with Cancer and is wanting quiet place to relax and get back to his normal life… Things change for both of them… Read  and enjoy…  will take you to Merrillee Whren website… with take you to my book store where you will find this book soon…. my next author to read is going to be Alyssa Day  Met her last week also… Happy reading and check out my special for the next 24 hrs.. buy 4 get 2 free of equal or less value at  Readerwave online book store. Enjoy your blog hop Friday

autographed and bookmarks will be with books when goes on sale

autographed and bookmarks will be with books when goes on sale

Put in 15 books in my eCRATER store yesterday. Several of the books I had read over the years.. They are good … Geralyn Dawson’s “My Big Old Texas Heartache”  Rachel Gibon’s “Not Another Bad Date”, just to name a couple… Have over 1200 books in my store and growing. Over 125 authors in category section I have over 1000 more books to put in..Going to take a brake this week on putting and more books and concentrate on a bottom of a book of shot glasses to go in my store for them at Shotglassheaven. This box has been eye balling me for a while now.. So around 5am I emptied it onto my desk… (I never say our desk) it belongs to Gene too… He just does not use it as much as I do… Anyways have over 30 shots to take pictures of and enter into store..

I would love to write about interesting things we do.. If we did any…Gene made me scrambled eggs with cheese this morning… I called and left a I love you message on my daughters cellphone… She can’t talk while at work so I leave messages she will see when she take a brake or goes to lunch.. Oh went and got a hair trim when I picked up some more books”Waiting for Agnes”.

Well chop chop back to work… Have a great day…


One of the strange shaped ones

One of the strange shaped ones

Yesterday I put several books and authors in my on-line bookstore.   “Fly Away Home” by Kimberly Cates  you find this in our Romance section as well as “The Stand In”by Kate Clemens,”Lusty’s Betrayal” by Debby Conrad in or Romantic Suspense. Authors that you can find by there name are Janet Dailey’s “The Only Thing Better Than Chocolate”,Robyn Carr’s “Runaway Mistress” (I read this one some time ago great book), Jasmine Crosswell “Inheritance”.  In our store we have over 1200 items… 1100 are books new and used. Prices start at 00.55 and go up to 19.99 

Many more will be going in today.. Come check us out.  We will be adding daily have over 1000 here to put in along with our shot glasses for our SHOTGLASSHEAVEN  on-line store…


readerwaveThis is not how I really look… Honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I don’t do needle work even tho she has tried to get me to for years….


This is the name of my other store.. I own over 1300 shot glasses but I don’t drink a drop….

A Mr. Linky blog hopping event going on today. Stop by and attach your blog to the list.

RT @alyssa_day: Booksigning tomorrow 1-3 pm!! 12 authors (Including me) – Florida tweeps please come! Deets here :

This is what I read 23hrs ago. It was written my Carly Phillips author of “Sealed with a Kiss, Brazen, and Solitary Man” just to name a couple that I have read and are in my eCRATER store.. I read this and thought at my fast looking Carly and other authors were going to be at this Borders stores in Jacksonville, Florida  Went to the living room and gave my husband this gaga look.. Can we go to Jacksonville today…(hour from our home) why…….12 authors are going to a book signing…  well I guess so.. where in Jacksonville… I go to make a map and directions.. I can’t get it to work…he finds it and of course the Woodcraft Store for him… LOL

12 authors and no Carly well that’s ok everyone of them are very nice and I buy every book… Not sure at the time I will read some of them…But Hubby takes pictures of everything I was doing.. my new scooter came in handy… I had so much fun when I got there at 12 only a couple of people were there so I had lots of time with each person….I could not name a favorite.. In the next few weeks I will read and tell you about the books but today will show you pictures of showing and give you web addresses…Happy readingDSCN0226

Alyssa Day on right “Atlantis Rising”  on her left is Merrillee Whren  writes for Harliquin Love Inspired “Four Little Blessings”     alyssa_day (twitter) website Whren website


Donna McAteer is signing “Barely Legal”  and Violet Rightmire is sitting on her right and had signed my copy of “Dancing in Time   Donna McAteer’s web address is  Violet Rightmire’s is


Eileen Ann Brennan is handing me my signed copy of “The Accidental Lover” Nancy Haddock to her right also gave me a signed copy of her book “LaVida Vampire” she told me her book is funny  I am going to try it… as she says its funny.


Maggie Toussaint is telling me about her book before she signs my copy of “In For a Penny” A Cleopatra Jones Mystery.  Catherine Kean  waited while I called my daughter to see if she had read her before as it is a series.. She had not so I got the first one and had it signed to her…(will mail this afternoon) “A Knight’s Vengeance”   web addresss  Maggie Toussaint  Catherine Kean


Cheryl Norman is signing my copy of “Running Scared” (we follow each other on twitter) Renee Ryan is sitting to her right getting ready to sign my copy of Harlquin Love Inspired Historical “Marshal Takes A Bride”.  web addresses  Cheryl Norman  Renee Ryan


Anita Lourcey Tooke signs my copy of “Out of Her Dreams” next to her is Lydia Hawke she writes Historical real history  She comes to War enactments in my Town  Was quite taken with her talk.. I got a signed copy of “Exiles on the St.Johns” I am giving this copy to my brother in law… went to tell her and I could not think of his name.. Sorry Carl , husband was to far away so just had her sign it…  web addresses Anita Lourcey Tooke  Lydia Hawke

I hope that I have done these authors justice and not messed up a name or spelled to badly.. They sure made my Sunday afternoon  can’t wait to finish the book I am reading now to get started… I have 10 wonderful books to read now and 2 that are gifts that I will read I am sure after they finish with the gift part…Thanks Lady’s and I hope lots of people read this and we all do wonderful…Looking forward to the next time.