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Yes!! was just reading twitter… I never know what to say or if I do I feel its nothing good.. no one answers even my daughter only says or answers direct questions… I found some good info on Boodkgal this morning told me to go to  I hope I got this right I will recheck… after I finish… done…

I need to write birthday and Ann. cards out today.. I did pick them up at the store… need to wrap packages…. but I can wait a week or so for that.. Not much going on around here today… We had bacon and tomato sandwiches for lunch.. Had to take all the seeds out of tomato for Mom she has that diverticleous(sp) can’t eat seeds, nuts of any kind messes up her stomach.. Have a good day and come see our books I am reading a good one right now…

We went to the flee market today.. I don’t think we will be going again for awhile.. I think I will go back to taking better care of my websites and yard saling on Saturdays… Have a lot of pictures to take this week…

Hope to capture some more people to look at my sights…

Today was terrible… I hope it was a flouk… Had a order on eCrater this afternoon.. That is better.. Got  two nice Mothers Day cards.. And an iPod how about that… I have put some phone and address on it already… have lots more to go…

Tell your friends about the flee market .. I f we don’t do better we will have to stop going..

It would be nice to get a books store going with more new books in it… Need to get about 2 or 3 partners together and work it out…. well have a good evening we are going out to dinner…

Posted on: May 5, 2009

When I get work done will go for a bike ride…. I need to do that several times a day to get my winter legs to summer… Have been putting books into readerwave at eCRATER.  Luanne Rice  and Jane Feather.

Need to run errands, and do a little house stuff… uck……… wrote on twitter and facebook this morning.. Only way sometimes I talk to daughter, weatherangel. she is a computer geek… Has created some of the cutes things for the computer, cat noises that I have on my iPod and then she has a mouse pad and magnet that is in the same pattern… very cute. 

Check out our book store where can you buy books from 00.55 to 2.00 used… New from 3.00 to 19.50  We will be having used LeapPad merchandise go in soon… very reasonable.

We feature a Book by local author Joe Bullard “Waiting for Agnes, and he has autographed them for us… You will find it on Amazon, eBay, and eCRATER. I recommend eCRATER, cost the least, you can use PayPal, and Money Orders, Then for you local residents you can get it from me at the Flee Market … $19.00 I carry one with me every Saturday you can email me ahead and I will have one for you too…   You can use this email address to ask me questions about books or ask me to get you books.. I am looking for a book for a customer now maybe you have it”Mother of the Children of the Holocaust,the Story of Irena Sendler” it’s paperback about 26 pages by Anna Mieszkowska

Have a good day…. picture of the daydsc04088

At the flea Market…. brought lots of different books… only heard from one person on what they wanted special so bringing that order….