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Kanapaha Botanical Gardens and Butterfly Rainforest

Posted on: July 25, 2009

We went to these two beautiful places yesterday before and after lunch…Kanapaha is a derived from two Timupua Indian words that mean”palmetto leaves and house” The route is a mile and very enjoyable if you see the mosquito stray before you go outside. 62 acres maintained and operated by North Florida Botanical Society, a private nonprofit educational organization.There are all kinds of gardens to see, The Bonsai Garden,The Azalea-Camellia Garden, The Kanapaha Water Garden, The Rose Garden, Asian Garden, Bulb Garden, Butterfly Garden, Children’s Garden,Arboretum,The Vinery,Native Second Growth Forest,Herb Garden,Bamboo Garden(Granddaughters favorite she is into Japan things)Woodland Garden,Aroid Garden,Hummingbird Garden,Rock Garden(one of my favorites with all the cactis) Fern Cobble,Palm Hammock,Cycad Garden.  Kanapaha Botanical Gardens has picnicking facilities and gift shop.This garden can be found in Gainsville  One mile west of I-75 (Exit 384) on Archer Road (352)372-4981

The Bamboo Gardens off to the left was a Japanese small figurene

The Bamboo Gardens off to the left was a Japanese small figurene

 Butterfly Rainforest

It even rained while we were there.. This place is beside the Florida Museum of Natural History… So worth seeing.. You go though this door and wait for it to close then go through another door and there are fans going blowing air out so the butterfly’s don’t come in…They are everywhere and every kind you can think of… They fly with out fright and they land on you I had one on my hand.. it was so cute and and another man had one on his shoulder…The plants are beautiful. Husband came home wishing we had space to make one… You can’t describe how beautiful it was you have to go there…And we will be taking all our visitors there for sure….

Butterfly on mans shoulder

Butterfly on mans shoulder

Try to show a picture of butterfly on plants

Butterfly on bowl

Butterfly on bowl


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