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Posted on: July 17, 2009

Can’t beleive it Friday already… I am reading a good Harliquin I picked up from going to signing at Borders in Jax last Sunday… Merrillee Whren is the author of ‘Four Little Blessing ”  Its such a cute little thing…

Two people move into summer cottages… one has 4 small children in toe and one has just himself and he is there for peace and quite.. Next thing you know he is hit in the head with a ball from the other yard… three kids come running to get there ball… Then their aunt comes looking for them… during the course of the story you learn the 4 children’s parents are in jail and there very young aunt has custody of them… Young man has just recovered from a bout with Cancer and is wanting quiet place to relax and get back to his normal life… Things change for both of them… Read  and enjoy…  will take you to Merrillee Whren website… with take you to my book store where you will find this book soon…. my next author to read is going to be Alyssa Day  Met her last week also… Happy reading and check out my special for the next 24 hrs.. buy 4 get 2 free of equal or less value at  Readerwave online book store. Enjoy your blog hop Friday

autographed and bookmarks will be with books when goes on sale

autographed and bookmarks will be with books when goes on sale


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