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Books and shots……….

Posted on: July 16, 2009

Put in 15 books in my eCRATER store yesterday. Several of the books I had read over the years.. They are good … Geralyn Dawson’s “My Big Old Texas Heartache”  Rachel Gibon’s “Not Another Bad Date”, just to name a couple… Have over 1200 books in my store and growing. Over 125 authors in category section I have over 1000 more books to put in..Going to take a brake this week on putting and more books and concentrate on a bottom of a book of shot glasses to go in my store for them at Shotglassheaven. This box has been eye balling me for a while now.. So around 5am I emptied it onto my desk… (I never say our desk) it belongs to Gene too… He just does not use it as much as I do… Anyways have over 30 shots to take pictures of and enter into store..

I would love to write about interesting things we do.. If we did any…Gene made me scrambled eggs with cheese this morning… I called and left a I love you message on my daughters cellphone… She can’t talk while at work so I leave messages she will see when she take a brake or goes to lunch.. Oh went and got a hair trim when I picked up some more books”Waiting for Agnes”.

Well chop chop back to work… Have a great day…


One of the strange shaped ones

One of the strange shaped ones


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