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Posted on: July 15, 2009

Yesterday I put several books and authors in my on-line bookstore.   “Fly Away Home” by Kimberly Cates  you find this in our Romance section as well as “The Stand In”by Kate Clemens,”Lusty’s Betrayal” by Debby Conrad in or Romantic Suspense. Authors that you can find by there name are Janet Dailey’s “The Only Thing Better Than Chocolate”,Robyn Carr’s “Runaway Mistress” (I read this one some time ago great book), Jasmine Crosswell “Inheritance”.  In our store we have over 1200 items… 1100 are books new and used. Prices start at 00.55 and go up to 19.99 

Many more will be going in today.. Come check us out.  We will be adding daily have over 1000 here to put in along with our shot glasses for our SHOTGLASSHEAVEN  on-line store…



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