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Cherry Red

Posted on: July 10, 2009

Scooter, I have my new one and what a great time I had at the mall yesterday. I was free of pain, did not have to walk… I went ahead of my husband and mother who where coming with her in wheel chair… I scoped out the anchor stores for what we were looking for and then told them to come if needed… Next month Gene goes to doctor to get a checkup and he is going to ask for the doctor to get him one…Then we can both fly…. Then will be interesting to see how far he will take us.. sense we do not go further than one hour away.. Our families live 2 or more so we wait on them to come see us… With children in high school you know it does not happen often…This is my scooter story…. don’t have pictures yet but they will be great..Oh it comes in red my vavo color….I’ll pretend its my cherry red Dodge Neon I use to have. Loved that car… Got it for Valentines day several years ago….   I was looking for a red station wagon or van for a while this year.. Was going to the flee Market on weekends with my used books.. But business got slow and it got to hot.  I have had a new/used bookstore on line for the past 4 yrs.. when business showed down this year I moved from ebay to eCRATER… I  offer lower prices… and have Harlequin books back… check us out.  Have two autographed new books   Summer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber and Waiting for Agnes by Joe Bullard Friday BLOG Following!! Lets link and create a “following


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Hello to you,

Glad to see you again.
Thank you for linking onto the Friday Follow Blog A Thon, don’t forget to check back through out the day to see who else has linked. Go to their blog and click on their “Follow” button. They will click on your RSS feed when they visit your blog.

Have a great Friday.

Lori @whenwelisten

I understand some things everyone talks about.. I am not a computer geek.. I have them all around me.. in family that is…

Please join me at my new new Blog.

Love to see you there as a follower also.

Hope you are having a great weekend. I am thinking about doing the Make Us Laugh Link again…grab your funniest post and get ready for the linking to begin.


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