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Posted on: July 9, 2009

Started off today putting coke rewards on the coke site.. I have over 500 points..I personally don’t use the points… I started saving about three years ago because I think it is wasteful to throw away something that you or someone could use… At the time I was thinking of using them to get things for grand-kids.. well I never did and then at Christmas coke came up with Toys for Tots using the points so I turned them over to them… Have been doing it the past three Christmas.. Last year my family even helped.. I gave them my code and told them I needed this many more points to make 1000.. we did it thanks to my daughter-in-law.. we even opened cases not opened in our garage yet…

Another thing I save is pop tops.. my great niece’s and nephew save them for school.. School sends them to Saint Jude… I would gladly save the cans if I knew of a local person who wanted them… We don’t recycle them as we have to pay for the truck to pick them up..Sorry I am into saving not spending…

The last thing we do is with Boxtops…The saving of these goes back to when my daughters were in grade school (80’s) Well my grandsons save them for school.. which ever class has the most in the week gets a sno cone party on Fridays…I send them in a baggy to their Mother and she splits them up between the two of them. The coupons are used to get something for the school.. Saving things that will go in the garbage is a waste… I don’t buy anything we don’t use… There are so many brands that have them…  

Almost for got.. would of except I had to change it just now… recycling print cartridges.. HP.. they give you a free return mail envelope in every box.. if there isn’t one you can call 1-800-340-2445 and they will send you one or go to

When you buy 4 books in our online bookstore you get a 5th book free.. come see at  or  

Have a good day… I am listening to Michael buble  on my iPod


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