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Posted on: July 8, 2009

I have read all these blog post in the past few days from the Blog Hop… I am so jealous.. The post are great but the place where you keep them is beautiful… I don’t know how to do all that… Maybe its the place that hosts them has more to offer I don’t know, maybe you pay for that stuff and I don’t .. I love mine and I did change the colors and the picture at the top is gone.. But other than that I am out of my league…

I just finished reading Robyn Carr’s Temptation Ridge… Part of the Virgina Ridge Series… I just love this book and the ones before it.. Everyone should be so lucky to have  a small town and neighbors like Mel, Jack, Preacher, Doc etc… I tried looking at the used book store in Gainsville for the next one as it came out in April and this is July.. No such luck so I went on line and ordered it… Now I am reading Montana one of the faith books… The first couple of pages were a little hard to get into but its got me now…

Yesterday I was a little distracted.. I watched MJ’s funeral  and the doings afterwards… I am so glad Paris stood up there it was the best thing to wake people up to realize she is family and she hurts like everyone else… Children always get the worst of hurt… I pray that all this mess with them is not dragged out… I don’t know if I would want Joe around them if he is anything like when Michael was growing up… Good luck to you and your brothers…


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