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July 3,2009

Posted on: July 3, 2009

Remembering back I do not recall all 60, 4th of July’s that I have seen.. I think the one I remember the most is just a few years ago… Just after I married my husband of almost 18 yrs.. We went to his sisters to visit for the weekend of the 4Th.. Her town might have enough people for a parade and watchers now… The parade was the school kids dresses up like all the different people like Abe Lincoln, George Washington, One family has a big wagon and was pulling the kids in their costumes… I have pictures but I have no idea where they are. A lot of things are still packed away in boxes in the garage.. now the best place for pictures…But when I looked through some things last year they were fine…Just picture small town USA

Tomorrow night our little subdivision is having fireworks in and empty lot we still have . It should be really nice…. Hope everyone has a great 4th…. All our company is gone so we will be celebrating  with our neighbors.

I received the last payment I will receive from Amazon for awhile have not sold a book in quite awhile….

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Good Morning to my “Best’est Friend” in the whole world….. I enjoy reading your events of life. Me, I do not have much of anything to share with others …. but to share with you, well, that’s another story! We enjoyed our trip to Oklahoma on the Harley with friends but sure is good to be home again. 2500 miles on a one of them is a lot for 7 days. Dad, well he is just being …. DAD ! Will go visit him for a while sometime today. Have laundry going, quarterly taxes for the company are done, yea…. and then to the dusting, mowing, cooking, and what ever else gets in my way. I re-arranged the kitchen counter top “junk” last night while Mal was gone…. you should have seen the look on his face when the microwave was not where he remembered it to be for the past 6 years !!!! TeeHeeHeeeee…. Have a GREAT weekend … and be safe. Commercials on TV are showing how the fireworks can blow off your hands, head and other parts of your body can go flying in the wind. Berta

Thanks for writting so go to see someone on my blog.. You always come though for me no matter what.
And thanks for the blow by blow (feet hands etc) I might not go outside… buts only two doors down to the field so I can sit in my front or back yard and see the fireworks just not the people doing it… so maybe I will go sit at the edge of our neighbors back yard… Happy 4th everyone

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