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Slowing down

Posted on: July 2, 2009

Well I am to the point again where I must take my pictures in the bulk folder and put them in each authors folder so I can find them when I want to put in another one… Then I must take pictures of the last shelves books and anther book case will be down.. There are several more to go its just deciding which way to go.. Then yesterday one of the ladies I buy books from came with more.. So Now I have some more hard cover to do… after I get this last shelf done…. Then I have a box  that is books and shotglasses to get out of the way… so that will take me into the middle of July… And my daughter and son-in-laws 18th wedding ann.. I can always remember as her stepfather and I got married the same year only ours is September.Same month as my Mothers Birthday and my Mother and Stepfathers wedding ann.. would of been 49 this year… Wow where does time go.  You know being a baby boomer is not all its cracked up to be…

Well back to books I put in 10 Connie Mason

and several other… some are like brand new…  stop by and see at

While you are there take a look at our autographed copys of Waiting for Agnes by Joe Bullard   and Sommer on Blossom Street by Debbie Macomber


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