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Clean up and Catch up

Posted on: July 1, 2009

This is Wednesday and my grandchildren will be here sometime this evening for over night on the leg back .  They were here for 4 dys last week so this will make 5.. And I miss them already… I already ate, took meds, put dishwasher in right order, clean out dirty in… no ready to wash we use alot of paper here.. Our new pots don’t go in we read the directions.. I wash them lovingly by hand… I don’t cook so have to make everything nice for the wonderful person who does… (Speaking of this person he threw  out alot of boxes he used to ship books in, as he has not had to in a very long time… What happened to my big customers I use to have on eBay that I asked to come to eCRATER.. There are better prices here, and can use money order, or paypal…where on eBay you could only use paypal.  I am reading over google shopping … I have read it several times and I do not have anyone who has told me about there experence having it so Have not done it yet.. I don’t understand alot of lingo so it takes me longer to use something.. I want to get the best for my money…  I think I am rambling again today.. but have not done quite as much as I did the other day.

Our tomato crop is still growing… we have new flowers on the bushes.. we have given to a lot of the neighbors, sent to SF with kids, given to family when we see them.. I think our squash crop is done..

Now I think I am done need to go enter some books that I know you are looking for  Virginia Kantra, Eloise James. Victoria Alexander are just a few  I have over 130 authors listed and some that are just in there section mystery, adventure, romance etc


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