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iPod love it…

Posted on: June 30, 2009

Have not done allot with mine… I may not for awhile… I have music on it… I have been told I can put books on it… I feel like I am cheating allotof people out of a good read when I get done.  And my used book store would suffer.. Of course I don’t know how it could be any worse than it is now… I am the only one writing and reading. This is why I have never become a writer my stories and grammar are only good enough for me to read.  I had a grandma who would correct my grammar when I would write her letters and send them back to me… I never looked at them I was so upset that she would do it… My other grandma would take cards some one has sent to her and cross out words and put her own in.. I thought this was wonderful that she would take the time to do that…. I found out when I lived with this grandma that she could draw… I never knew that.. she was really good… She would not draw much as her family made fun of her… Well I guess you know who I take after… I have thought up some good stories… I have pretended to be someone else all my life… Well I don’t have to pretend thanks to my wonderful family I have a wonderful life now. My children my husband and the children he has brought to this marriage has made my life what I have always dreamed of… May everyone know such happiness.. Of course there are days I want something everyone does.. I would love travel,visit family and friends, see places I have never been.. Due to allot of reasons this will never happen.. I don’t go further than 1hr away from my house anyone time… Did you know there are allot of things with in one hr of someones house… If I could get it up to 2 1/2 I could really have a great time.. see Mickey or grandchildren, nieces and nephew.  Can’t wait till winter comes so we can go back to Fridays and see our family that we always have lunch with.. Some are doing other things over summer… Have a good one .. My dear friend who has been my friend for over 45 yrs… and I send a friendship ball back and forth to each other every month.. this is a silver ball that opens and you put something inside and give it to someone in friendship.. My sister in law has loved the idea ever sense she heard about… This past year I found a second ball and started sending it to her over the summer… She and I both have got the first send and now its on its way back to her I hope she like what I sent …. If anyone has rambled its surely me today…. What a day for someone to read this… I am listening to Cher on my iPod, I have Reba, George Strait, Garth Brooks and Michael Buble I might get some early tunes of MJ  but not sure…  If you read this please send someone else to read my mess… LOL…. Have a great day…. I am off to put some wonderful writers into my bookstore for someone to see and just have to you are    Thankgoodness for spell check…


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