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Posted on: June 22, 2009

picture of the day

picture of the day

One of our children is here with her future husband she lives today and another daughter and her family comes for a few days… They leave and meet up with another daughter for fun and sun in SF… No not San Francisco.. Only one of them has ever been there and it was when she was 5 months old… And she is 40 today… Happy Birthday to my baby….Can’t wait till they get here later today… one of our granddaughters is a picky eater so we are picking up her fav… from grocery store later today… Everyone else love its also so that helps…

Hope everyone had a great Fathers Day and or Brithday our daughter in laws birthday was yesterday… Hope you had a great day with your family..

I will be putting books in my eCRATER store all week on and off as I get time away from family… Now I just need a better day than yesterday or the day before…  Have over 1000 product in my store even some new autographed books…

My dream is to someday have a store on the street.. Not just on the Internet.. But my store here has given me lots of practice and I am learning new things every day… Thank you God for all the great things you have given me… Every day is better than the last.   and I need to work on myself.. No more doubting Thomas…. Things will be better one day.. People will find eCRATER and wow it will take off like crazy…  This to shall pass….


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