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Saturday at last Family coming today

Posted on: June 20, 2009

DSC04622One of our daughters is coming today That will be so nice… we have not seen her in months… Between our health, their jobs and school we don’t see our children and grandchildren much.. we are spread out on the east coast… Could be worse one family used to live in WA.  I use to fly there. But when I did I went to Port Orchard to see my fav author.  And when I go visit another in Va I see another author who live in Maryland.  There is good and bad with life and we must roll with the punches as they say..

Going to pick up some more books today.. Will be all set to sell Waiting for Agnes for another month.. Sales have picked up lately  Have put in lots of authors this past week.. Gwen Hunter, Charlotte Hughes, Tony Hillerman,Andra Kane just a few… Have a new Fern Michaels “Under the Radar”  after this one only one left in the sisterhood series…  The next book  I am reading is an old Diane McCall… Have not read to many of her books… Since my books are not selling I might as well read them.. And no one is reading and commenting on my blog so no sense writing about them… (my own pity party is over)  

Its going to be very hot here and the gas prices are $2.75 as of dinner last night… so don’t buy next to I75 come into town to walmart its about a half a mile further in on 90.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your families..


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