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Today I am working on myself

Posted on: June 16, 2009

Went to doctors found out that I have pulled a lot of muscles, starting with my shoulders and arms and working down to my stomach.  And I thought I had an ulcer.. see how wrong we are to do our own doctoring… Well gave me a muscle relaxer and told me to get a 5lb weight and start exercising … And I am telling you know I am going to do it… I don’t like feeling like this.. and if it helps me loose weight that is a bonus…I am no different than anyone else I do so well at loosing and then gain it back.. 

When the kids come next week I won’t beable to go tubing as I am to big and clumbsy(sp) to go on the tube  I did it last year once and fell in the river the next time.. and I am heavier now so will watch and take pictures. Can’t wait for all the kids to get here… wish they all were coming… I would even go get more blowup mattresses…

I put in some work on my book store this morning.. Put in three authors books, John Saul  Jeff Shaara Tess Gerritsen  http://tessgerritsen    Have many more to go this week like Nora Roberts  “The Pagan Stone”  book thee of the Sign of Seven Trilogy


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