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Every day is better than the last

Posted on: June 14, 2009

I waited all day to write this thinking I would have more to write… I did get my desk cleaned off but I have three piles of books on it already… And one more to go… Will be putting in some westerns this week… I need to get more of “Waiting for Agnes” I am down to my last four here at the house… I think they are back from Vacation… I hope or my sales will stop as I have only been selling one book..

Will take pictures and go to post office tomorrow…  maybe put some books in again… I have to stop shopping for books for awhile and sell some…

It would be nice if someone invested in my dream…. but then it would not be a dream anymore but a reality.. Don’t know if I could handle that… I think a bookstore/gift shop would be good here…   bit of both… new used, gifts.. local crafts … Dreams sometimes come true…


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