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Posted on: June 12, 2009

Just finished reading “firefly lane” by Kristin Hannah  such a great book..  is about two girls who meet in high school and have a life time together and apart… If you have or have ever wanted a best friend for life,this is the book to read… If you want to see what else she has or read her homepage go to

I have had a best friend for life and you could not ask for a better feeling.. Sometimes it’s better than sex.. and husbands, children.  Sometimes I said..

You can tell them anything, oh they won’t keep quite, their opinion is often given whither you want it or not.. But most of the time when you hurt they know and are there in a heart beat whither its on the phone or in person.

My best friend and I met the first day I moved to a new High School.. We did not become more than acquaintances till the next year when we had a class together..  It went from there.. She is my first daughters godmother and she takes this very serious.. You have heard me talk of the friendship ball that we send back and for .. sense 1998… We talk everyday even tho she’s in NC and I am in Fl… by talking it could be a phone call, email.. She was the first person to buy a book from me .. I wanted to make sure my online bookstore  worked… so I got an order from Mrs. Lipshits… in NC… LOL..

This blog was suppose to be about the book I just read… try it you will be able to find it at

Oh almost forgot sold a book on eBay last week sending it to Singapore today… How about that.  I think I will hold off on picture today….



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