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Friendship and Love = Ball of Fun

Posted on: June 11, 2009

Sense 1998 my dearest friend and I have been sending this silver ball back and forth once a month sometimes more with little trinkets of love.. We have both moved in that time and talked about all the thinks we found that we have given each other… Some are more treasured than others… Today I started a new ball going to my sister-in-law who goes away for the summer, and has loved watch ing me get and hear about my ball and has said she would love to get one from one of her friends… She even tried sending and it did not work they did not send back… So today I took a silver ball I found at a yard sale took silver polish to it.. Came out pretty neat… At another yard sale found a small sock made into a change purse.. has a closing at the top… I put quarters in and a note, put in ball… My husband got the box stuffed it with tissue paper I had given him of different colors and put the ball in … sense we did not have the original note that comes with it when you buy one I made up my own and put it in. She gets to her summer home next week and it will be there … Wish I had eyes that went that far to see her face… My friend who I send a ball to even helped she made the reversible name and address tag… for the box.    Now all we have to do is go to the post office…

If you want to see what they are go to eBay and put in friendship ball, or google  Lots of fun

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One of many Journals we will see on readerwave

One of many Journals we will see on readerwave

Don’t have a ball have a Journal keep track of your fun times


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