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What a day…..

Posted on: June 9, 2009

Very productive… getting ready to put some more books on line… Has been going really well… Hubby has started up the lawn mower… He got a complement from the Pizza guy so he has to get on the mower and make it look even better… We lost two more tree’s .. to much water…

Titanic  picture book

Titanic picture book

Every time we spend money for dirt, tree, I would like to get the developer by the hair … If you are going to do something do it right… I show everyone the mess so they don’t get one of the new homes here… There is one for sale across the street from me but its been here a long time and was built by a different developer and its really nice the water drains off great… I think we need to have a dirt party and get some young people in to spread dirt for gene… He can’t do it all himself..

I did a lot of book work today… got rid of two stacks on my desk have one more of big books and three of paperbacks… Then I need to start on my shelves again.   picture of the day  You can see all our books at  or   or    Waiting for Agnes is on all three sites..  eCRATER has over 830 books and going up daily.


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