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Pick tomato today

Posted on: June 3, 2009

Well today is the day we pick the first tomato. I need to get dresses so I can go take picture of the great event… We have had no worms this year.. Gene found the right pesisid to keep them off… We have lots of tomatoes coming..  Some one is making lots of noise outside must go find out what it is… be back…………Well it was no biggie.. Gene was knocking dirt off a root he took up from a dead bush… Our fertilizer for the lawn goes in this tank and goes right to the sprinklers DSC04312every time they come on.. Well it over flowed and killed a bush next to it… Then will all the rain we had last week two of our small trees in the back yard that were doing so well got drowned from our yard… we have lakes that form when we have rain on both sides of our house and it went to the back yard and stayed with the trees… We had a beautiful dogwood and a fringe tree… will put the fringe in picture of day…. and our tomatoes don’t know if I have dogwood… Have great day… I must go shower so water can be turned off to fix pipe outside… Did not find other pictures…. Go back a few months on blog and you will see….


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