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Posted on: June 2, 2009

First want to thank the one person form Berkley who came over and looked at one of my stores or my blog… That is great.. Come again and bring a friend.

Will take more pictures of books today… And finish up the Laundry that I did not do yesterday.. I still have audio books, movies and music to enter, have some done but have been slow… I have started reading a new book .. Firefly something by K. Hannah… pretty good so far.. 19th page… LOl… I did my cards for the month.. some will get them early as they will be traveling at the time..some will get more than one just because… I have to wrap gifts yet and get them ready to mail… will have Gene do that today. Have two book orders ready to mail…

Rode my bike to the mail box… And walked around Walmart as we did our monthly big shop toilet paper etc.. so I got some excersise… I guess I won’t use the cart anymore.. I will have to work on getting my self up to par… someone I know could out walk me in a heart beat…

picture of the day

Takeing pictures

Takeing pictures


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