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Posted on: May 30, 2009

Well its Saturday again… No Flee Market… to hot and muggy… Went yard sailing…. in and out of car.. much better… Will be putting more things on line this coming week… If you have an author or type of book you are looking or please let me know I have hundreds of books here that I have not had time to put on line yet… If yo have bought a book or two from me and you have read it. Let me and others know how you liked it .. I might not have read it yet…  I am reading “Summer on Blossom Street” by Debbie Macomber … I picked up an older one this morning one of her firsts… I have talking books on line… I picked up a large print Nora Roberts this morning… I have some talking books the boxes are in rough shape so putting them on line cheap… Alot of work needs to be done so I can get my site up to good running order and have lots of people looking at it…

Please pass me on to your friends… I always pass on things I like to others.Never know when its just what they are looking for….

Are you looking for a good storm tracker for your iPod or Phone…. check out kittycode on the right side of this page or catch weatherangel on Twitter. You won’t be sorry you did…Selling “Waiting for Agnes on three sights.., Amazon, eBay, eCRATER  Three places three different prices… check it out.

picture of the day.DSC04295


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