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Pictures, fog, moving,uck………..

Posted on: May 28, 2009

Got up this morning thinking I was going to take pictures. But the fog is covering the sun and does not look like it wants to move anytime soon.  So there goes that idea.  Guess I might have to clean house instead… uck.

Our neighbors who have been here less than a year are moving..They are military.. I hope they are getting to go back to Hawaii where they are from.

Before I started “Summer on Blossom Street”  by Debbie Macomber..(which I also have on ebay as a auction… I was reading “Up Close and Personal” by Fern Michaels.. Great book.. Tells how a mother has a sickly child and has another to give the sick one bone Mauro… Then gets someone to trade this child and give her one that’s not hers and she takes it home and gives to her caregivers to raise… Watch the sorry unravel when she is older…You will be pleasantly surprised at the out come…

You can check out both these authors ontheir websites… Debbie is on tour with her book… Such a nice person .. Saw her Tuesday night when I got two signed books…

You can buy my  books at three sites, Amazon, eBay, and eCRATER, all offer “Waiting for Angnes by local author Joe Bullard.

ebay offers a copy of “Summer on Blossom Street”  autographed  at Auction.

eCRATER has all other books, LeapPad, Movies, Music, talking books, Singing Bear,  More items going in everyday….

picture of the day

Debbie Macomber and me....Tallahassee, Florida May 26, 2009

Debbie Macomber and me....Tallahassee, Florida May 26, 2009

person who I took pictures of they are very nice email me at


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