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Posted on: May 27, 2009

Book signing in Tallahassee with Debbie Macomber, was great last night.. She has a nice group of people who follow her. One lady I met was born in the town I live in so we had quite a conversation while waiting in line.  As she remarked… All Debbie’s fans are people you would like to know… (That is a great complement to Debbie’s books.)  I am rereading “The Summer on Blossom Street” Before I put this special autographed copy away in a special place.   My husband took lots of pictures and they all came out  great… I was able to give out alot of my business cards… I hope I hear from some of these people whether they buy from me or not..  Gene made a bird house for Debbie and she loved it… Its so nice when you can make someone smile.. I introduced myself to Wayne and whether he really remembered me or not.. He made that he did and that was very kind.. He talked to us a while when he could of just walked away or said I don’t talk to strangers… Thanks Debbie and Wayne for remembering us.. You made our wonderful day even better…

picture of the day or pictures….

Debbie Macomber book signing May 26,2009 Tallahassee,Fl

Debbie Macomber book signing May 26,2009 Tallahassee,Fl

You can find more Debbie books at my website  Then click icon.  Will be offering more new books soon, looking for good deals.. And we are not in a hurry.


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