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Memorial Day

Posted on: May 25, 2009

Today we thank those men and woman who have served us well all the way back to forever…. Remember the men and woman who might of not made it home again. I can remember only one person that  I knew well who did not make it home.. His name is on the Vietnam Wall in Washington DC.  My thoughts are with his family today.. I think of him often.. at odd moments.. I know we would of had different lives today no matter what else might of happened…

I want to thank the baby boomers, my cousins who served and came home to good lives… One cousin who served came home and started fishing in Alaska where he lived with his family… It was and is a cold hard life but its what he choose and my hat is off to you for sticking with what you wanted..  I took the easy way out .. Married the first guy who asked.. But I have two lovely children and their children… Then later in life I was gifted with two lovely stepchildren who were raised by their Mother and Father to be very respectful (I could not ask for better stepchildren.) Our Grandchildren all 7 from both marriages are great… We are so blessed this Memorial Day.

Picture of the day.

Our Friend when by motercycle to CA last year this is one picture
Our Friend went by motercycle to CA. last year this is one picture

Our friends are on the bike run to DC this weekend.. They got to visit one of our children and family on the way….


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