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4th day for ducks No Flee Market ….

Posted on: May 22, 2009

Rain again.. our lakes should be getting up to the levels they need to be… I know the one I showed you yesterday in my yard is back up after it had receded a little…

I guess my picture of the day should be of the ducks they are here in our town but not right by my house. we have birds and rabbits… here…

Today is a clean house and do last minute things for the weekend…. I have a load in the dryer so I can have jeans… don’t need the drawer full of shorts yet… I am not planning on putting anymore books in this weekend… I have some new children’s books to put in… And I am looking for those books on the summer reading lists… send me yours at 

Today is followfriday on twitter… I am so happy that I am followed somewhere…LOL…. you can follow me to my bookstore.. Lots of interesting things going on there lately….

Picture of the day

crossing the road to get to daddy duck
crossing the road to get to daddy duck

me trying to catch up


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