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What a day………not over yet.

Posted on: May 21, 2009

We are selling a book on Amazon… It has sold 5 copy’s in two months… that is not to bad.. But can you imagine what it might sell if they let me put a picture on the first page. Instead of holding my hand behind my back to pay for something I don’t need… so I can have the picture when you first hit search.  It does not say there are four images when you click the title of the book and go to the second page… There you find all kinds of info… Not only does Amazon charge more to sell this book  a flat fee of 5.99 . Where the other two places I sell this book don’t charge a 1/3 of that. And they show the picture up front.. one for a small fee another for free… I moved away from one store as the monthly price for my store was getting to high as I was placing over 1000 books on line… The new store I sell at is harder for people to find but if I work hard and tell everyone I see about it the price is right.. Its free…. Now sense no one reads these blogs or write on it if they do they might not find out where they are…. or who… On my book store I sell more than books, I have , leapPad machines, several kind.. I will be offering books and cartridge’s soon. I have music, talking books, all these things will be coming to the store… Lots of people have many stores for each item… Can’t do that… I do have two… one for all the things I mentioned and one for the shot glasses  you can get to all these things by going to   and click on the image that you want to get to… I made it a short cut on my computer.. you might want to try that… I am also on twitter under readerwave. and shotglassheaven… I spend more time on readerwave… I try to keep up with the authors, and book sellers… When I finish reading a book I review it here and tell them on here and there that I have reviewed and sometimes they write notes on here.. Which is very nice of them… Many of you know I am a fan of Debbie Macomber I will be seeing her on the 26th… God willing and the creek don’t rise… and both are a possibility… LOL…. Oh another thing I will be selling at my store will be special designed flip flops….

These are like the ones I will sell

These are like the ones I will sell


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