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Today will be a great day…….

Posted on: May 21, 2009

DSC04142We are on our 4th day of rain.. Our squash blooms are starting to fall off… We have two squash started to grow.. Lots more blooms.. Tomatoes we have lots of them growing…

We have had a set back with mother but I think things are better today.. Plans for the next week are the same… So Far…  Went to doctor today for blood work to make sure the new meds are doing ok…

Talked to lady making the flip flops today… One order was not sure so she called to make sure she had it right. Then I told her to bring me more… So next week I will put them on line… And hopefully have a good sale…. Have shot glasses added to  and more to go in… Took pictures of books that I will put into And as always I have my author signed new book,”Waiting for Agnes” on three different sights at three different prices… Have you heard of Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida? Now you can read about the building of it and how Ed used the ways of the ancient Pyramid build this… And how he told no one before he died. So everything is still a secret. What a great book.

picture of the day

squash and tomoatoes from our pot garden

squash and tomoatoes from our pot garden


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