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Yes things are great today………

Posted on: May 18, 2009

Yes things are great today, Yes things are great today… I am up, I am alive, I am walking, I am trying to be glad, I am working at working as no money in this job… Weekend was a bomb… I made over what I spent but not much… I am staying away from the Flee Market till fall.  Everyone has my card. Its getting to hot for me… I need air conditioning… Love to have a store of my own… Store with new and used books and items to buy… something like GalleryWest in Gainsville…only more room… A small house with rooms not just one area.. And not the house that was near downtown…. One that is on 90 where people can see it…  Share a house with someone Else’s business…Dreams are good for people … They make them think…. and I am always thinking.. sometimes its hard for me to sleep…picture of the dayDSC04151

Have entered three books and three shot glasses this morning, books are in http.// or

shot glasses are at the same address or


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