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Friday night ………after dinner……

Posted on: May 15, 2009

Dinner was great …. eating out is wonderful anytime… Can’t say when I don’t cook as I don’t cook… But I am sure hubby loved it….

Tomorrow is Flee Market day…Have the car loaded and ready to go.. The hardest part is lugging the boxes 20 boxs of books get heavy..after a while… was only taking 12 when I started and have just in creased… I am leaving 5 boxes of hard covers home… Did get a few new ones this week Be looking at a mixed box… and More Debbie Macomber and Nora Roberts.. I have the order for someone who asked for some books…

Don’t forget if you are reading this tell me in the morning and you can trade one book and .25 for another book instead of .75… going to try this a few weeks see how it works out… Have not decided if I am going to run a tab yet…. I am thinking during the summer its going to be to hot to go to flee market… but have not decided yet…

Taking a Waiting for Agnes by local author Joe Bullard with me… its autographed..If you are looking for one let me know at  readerwave@bellsouth.netas I am only taking one… And I do not offer it you must ask.. Its $19.00  You can also find this book in three online stores  and click on eBay or eCRATER  which is readerwave online store  or  The cheapest is ecrater. They are different prices because of fees for selling and postage

I am taking the shoe orders with me in case my little friend from Fort White comes up…  

Have a great weekend… may you find love and happyness, jobs and joy, what ever you are looking for may it find you…. agnes


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