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New Dawn, a New Day…….

Posted on: May 14, 2009

I have been listening to Michael Buble, love his singing… He will be the future son-in -law to writer composer David Foster.. How cool is that.. He has had success with songs for C.Dion, W.Huston, etc… ………………….

Today has started out as foggy… Its lifting… Not much going on around here.. Its like I don’t want to get a project started with the weekend coming.  I heard from one of my South Florida friends and she is coming up her over the holiday weekend… That will be fun.. Have not seen her in a few months .. we talk on the phone often.. Another of my friends is going on a bike run to DC and will get together with her goddaughter(my daughter) as she and family live not far away… That will be great also…



My mom has two projects started.. yesterday she was showing me her fingers where they are swollen.. and her eyes hurt… Told her to slow down and her thought was I get bored… She turns on her books and she falls asleep… Don’t know what to do with her…

Our veg.. are growing great.. found a product to stop the worms… its so nice not to check them every day… We have tomatoes and squash… Lots of tomatoes on the vines…squash we have blooms so far…

We go yard sale in the morning.. I hope there are some good one… I need some good sales to put some cash in the flow..LOL….

Waiting for Agnes is my only seller lately and it goes in spurts….Help… I really don’t want to close… or What will I do with all my books…. and its fun…

picture of the day…. fun


2 Responses to "New Dawn, a New Day……."

Your own vege garden. Sounds great. We are building a house at the moment and I hope to have my own vege garden when it is finished. what was the great worm stopping product!
Claire McFee
co Creator – Organize Your Life Now Blog

Asked the man what he used and he said he’s not sure this is what did it but he only used it once…Orto Eco Sence Brand Outdoor insect killer
Good luck..
We have so many tomoatoes going to mush that we are going to make sause tomorrow…

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