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Coming up Friday and Saturday……..

Posted on: May 14, 2009

Don’t be square…. be prepared…..  Fridays we go to yard sales….Saturday we go to the Flee Market… at the Flee Market we sell used books for .75 or trade one book and .25……..We are trying to change some of our inventory and still have the money we need to keep paying to sell. Tell your friends.. We will be there unless it rains… books and rain do not go well. I have lots of different books coming this week.. and last week I was able to get some paranormal while there at the Flee Market.. I will be at the Flee Market Saturday before Memorial Day… I will have company but she will come with me.. So we can visit and sell books at the same time…

Hope to see you there… I will bring one copy of Waiting for Agnes by local author Joe Bullard   if you want one please email me or make a comment on this blog… you can see the book at http://readerwave.comclick on readerwave online store or ebay   or go to

I have a friend who is going out of the online book business if you want to see what is there go to


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