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I will do my best………for you

Posted on: May 11, 2009

Part of your job as a buyer, please leave feedback.. If you have bought from me please help me out by leaving feed back when you get your order. If you read my blog and you go to the flee market leave a comment for the next person to see… I always leave comments how are people to know if I am good or bad.. to buy from…If for some reason I don’t have what you are looking for whether its a problem with the system or me.. I always let you know and give you a refund… If you have bought from me and have not left feedback please go back and do so… weather you like the service or didn’t the next customer has the right to know.

I just went and had a pedicure wow if you live local to me try LA Nails… man did he make my feet and legs feel great and look wonderful…now I have to take off the winter hair so I look better in shorts (ya they are my neighbors but I would not go if they were not good… )… Check it out and tell them I sent you…   Have to get the wash into the dryer and fix lunch.. Gene wants hot dogs  and the rest of us will eat what ever so its hot dogs….Have a good day


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