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LeapPad Learning

Posted on: May 10, 2009

Just entered lots of my LeapPad Learning Systems, all used all in good working order. Little tikes pads were washed and look as good as new. Some of the systems I put more than one book and cartiridge with them… I am always looking for spare parts so if someone has a book or a cartridge they can’t find the mate.. ask if I have one or send me yours… and will add to the collection.

Had a great Mothers day… talked to both my girls… I am sure the other families will call this evening… they are busy together I am sure… I got a iPod from the girls and grand children… I am busy learning how to use it. Talked to my sister and one of my south Florida friends yesterday. My buddy is probley out ridingĀ  motercycle so I will wait till this evening to call… Taking Mom out to lunch was a wait but could of been much longer if we had come in the front instead of the mall enterence… Have a great day and here is the picture of the day………DSC02756


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