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Saturday morning

Posted on: May 9, 2009

How are you all this morning, I am tired… I can’t sleep well on Friday nights… I get all wound up about getting ready for Saturday… And there is no reason… Then someone opened my brain again to my favorite subject  a bookstore.  I would love to have one… But I would need a backer and in these times its not going to happen… I have several spots picked out that have lots of room to rent out space to someone else… This would help with the cost of things… Why do I think i could do better than someone else experience… People savie…. My spelling won’t get it…. LOL… but my people skills will… That and the fact my granddaughters are getting old enough for summer jobs… They love to read… Did you notice I am tired I am dreaming out loud this morning….

Well have a good day and picture of the day

LeapFrog products coming soon

LeapFrog products coming soon


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