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Up dates for Waiting for Agnes

Posted on: May 7, 2009

I took some pictures of the book. Like the first page with the authors signature. The first written page to show how big the print is… And the back cover to show Ed with the pulley and electrical box… “Waiting for Agnes” by Florida Native Joe Bullard is a great book with 343 pages of wonder of truth and fantasy.. I have told Joe that I will sell all that he gave me today before he leaves on vacation so help….. This book is sold on three sites… Amazon it sells for $23.00 , eBay it sells for $19.99 and on eCRATER its sells for $19.50   Three different prices as these stores go from charging allot to nothing for selling the product… and they are all equal in the way they take care of the customer. One offers only PayPal one offers PayPal and money orders, one offers credit card, paypal . You have so many choices. go to  and put the name of the book in.. remember its paperback. no picture will show when you first go but open it up and see lots of pictures.  Go to http://readerwave.comand from there you can go to readerwave on line book store(eCRATER) or eBay  There are so many ways to look… If you are looking for other books look at eCRATER  and if you don’t find ask… People who live here local to me can send me email at and I will bring a copy of the book with me on Saturdays to the flee market or we can find another way..This book is $19.00 as you are picking up..  I only carry one copy with me on Saturdays unless you let me know that I will need more…Waiting for Agnes

Authors signiture

Authors signiture


1 Response to "Up dates for Waiting for Agnes"

i just love this book…but unfortunately i could not contact joe to share my research on coral castle…non of his email id’s work or his phone numbers…can anyone post his current contact details

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