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Can’t sleep….

Posted on: May 7, 2009

Ever have times your brain just won’t turn off… Well woke up at 2:30 and can’t go back to sleep.. I saw this girl at flee market last weekend and I did not get info on how to reach her,thinking I would see her again this week. She did not sell so well so she might not be there… Well I need 4 pair of her shoes(flip flops) for my grandchildren and I have a idea on how to sell more. Now I don’t know her and can’t reach her with out going to her school and hunting her up… She has my card and number so I am hoping she will call me…or if she reads this she can contact me here.. or at

Yesterday was a great day for books… I ran out of Waiting For Agnes and have to go get more today…Plus had another order of other books… Taking some children’s books to the flee market with me this weekend and some Harlequin…

Put some Linda Howard in yesterda have a couple more and some Bobbie Smith .  These books are on my eCRATER store.

picture of the day:

Linda Howard Now You See Her

Linda Howard, Now You See HerShoes are so cute and price is right.


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